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Very nice suit,mate. But isn't English traditional cut suit always very structured?
Quote: Originally Posted by Will He's excellent. If you want to spend $6500. Why's he so expensive?
What a wonderful shirt that is,mate. I really have to ask my tailor if he can make a shirt by hand.
How good is he?
Craig is Britain's best-dressed man ( Updated: 2007-04-02 10:20 Bond star Daniel Craig has been named Britain's best-dressed man - and comic Russell Brand the worst. Men's style bible GQ has published its annual list of stylish celebrities. Prince Harry is the first royal to make it into the top 10. Craig topped the league thanks to his sharp-suited look in Casino Royale. "No...
Quote: Originally Posted by mell I have picked out the Patek I want to purchase but am wondering what the preference is on metal color. White Gold, Yellow Gold or Rose Gold. In speaking to the Patek saleman, he indicated that White Gold is the most popular, but that may be because that is what he has in stock. Any advice will be appreciated. PLATINUM
Quote: Originally Posted by Fade to Black this is a thread for anyone who has used/uses tailors from Hong Kong for bespoke/MTM suits...i'm not too familiar with suiting, and it's the one area of clothing that i've been meaning to explore further now that i'm a working professional and won't have time to wear my usual clothes. I've had 4 suits made in Hong Kong; the first was absolute crap and way too tight (i basically took my 2 button Dior, made drawings...
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman No. That's for you,mate.,00.html
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman Yes, but then again Ian Fleming wanted Rex Harrison or David Niven for Bond (let's leave aside the 1967 Casino Royale) and Noel Coward for Dr. No... When the Bond series was being serialized in comic strips, he hired an artist to come up with his image of Bond, who frankly looked like a slightly more effete version of Sydney Paget's Sherlock Holmes. It was immediately dismissed as "too pre-war" and the comic book...
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Yes, you are right. I was thinking about this one. iammatt, Please forgive my ignorance,mate,but I just see nothing wrong with the shoulders in those pictures. Would you care to explain why you don't like them?
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