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 It's those little ripples in the reflection that makes it so that the reflection isn't completely flat. Bingo~ I don't know the cause but it doesn't seem to get better as I add more layers.  Thanks for the tip! I tried that but I think I may need to add more layers. Either that or I need to strip it down and start over... Maybe the leather's too new? The shoe itself is only half a year old and I haven't worn it all that much.
Yep picked one up along with their clearance distressed selvedge which were on sale. Picked the clearance one up for $45 and the raw for $90 after a student discount. :) Happy me. Now I have three, all from Gap, I can't really afford a very expensive pair so they'll make do.  
 I guess it's due to the pores. I haven't put on a hundred coats of wax yet, probably more around 30-40.
 Where the mirror shine has ripples and not completely flat.
Does anyone know how to get rid of the orange peel effect in a mirror shine? Or is it just continuous, continuous, continuous, continuous layers which eventually flatten the leather out?
My first pair of suede shoes~ Carmina ante snuff in Rain last.  
 It's the Rain last.  Thanks Roger! :) The plans we discussed about a year ago is finally coming to fruition! Now that I have shoes of my own and my wardrobe stable, I've finally formed a set of preferences and priorities.
Received my third ever shoe from Unipair today. Slowly building my shoe-drobe. :)    
Second wearing today. Ow my heel... #breakinproblems They look nothing like burgundy in the picture... Phone camera + cloudy weather...  
 Oh god please reupload it's broken I think. Need to see it now. Thirsty.
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