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 Steve, I might have to try out an Inca for my feet!
 I've yet to compare Simpson and Rain together but I've heard Rain is more forgiving on the instep and 9.5UK just barely does it for me. The pictures make the Simpson look fairly darn slim.
 Well I'd say it depends on your width and instep as well. I'm a 9UK lengthwise for Carmina, but I need to size up 9.5 on the Rain last to fit. I'm going to guess that I'm a 10 on the Simpson last.
Whoever bought out all the Midnight Oil Rivets please share one with me! :(
 That's what I'm wondering. Post some pix of the CPO! I'm on the verge of getting one myself.
 That sucks... They're just so elegant, I bet I can even replace loafers with that. Even 9.5 is a bit long for me so I don't think 10 would be an option.
 Thanks!  They're actually the "Ellison" being sold at Epaulet. It's in the Rain last and medium brown I believe. My next pair is going to be from GF though.
 Thank you sir, and I agree, now I know where to buy from at the very least!   Thank you, I've always wanted a captoe and I was sure I wanted one for my first pair in brown! Hopefully they'll develop a nice patina.
 ^ Please Steve.
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