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Does anyone know the exchange shipping policy? I know I pay for my shipping back to EP, but I'm not sure if I must pay for shipping again to myself or if it's included.
 Lucky... I have to be a G width for GG and StC. :(
 Do it and report back! 
 God this is just perfect.  On another note, would the navy super 120s trouser feel too formal to wear semi-casually? I like to wear formal stuff with a mix of casual. If so, I'm probably going to have to taper the leg on the navy rivets until I lose my thigh fat enough to look good in the Driggs...
 So I'm guessing the lining shoes somewhere? I would've guessed it would be completely covered by our feet. I personally would like purple or red as well, partly because it's MTO and I'd like a touch of character to the shoes. Brown or tan is nice but it seems too common and boring.
 Why do you guys do this to me~~~ Every single option listed above fits my bill perfectly... Except for the $.
 Depending on how long the MTO takes for arrival, I may be very interested.
How long does the MTO usually take for arrival?
They're the "Ellison" from Epaulet. I've noticed that other than my wide flat feet being broken in, my first day with them were pretty okay. Good thing I chose to get one step higher up eh?Thanks for the reassurance. I think I may have to get toe taps installed if I ever do MTO because my first wear already shows more wear there than anywhere else...Thanks for that. Although all kinds of shoes are seducing my wallet now, I'm trying to decide on an essential pair that will...
 Thank you for the advice! I will make sure to be wise in my decisions, though the addiction has already started to course through my blood.  I'm considering a suede chukka with a dainite sole to battle Vancouver weather. Any tips walking, etc. to extending the shoes' life? I drive a car that rides a bit low (not modded, just a small sedan) and it's really uncomfortable for me to not slide around with my left feet while I try to place my feet without bumping them...
New Posts  All Forums: