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 That's pretty true. I think it's hard to pull off even for me, but I always wear a sportcoat or suit jacket with my jeans or chinos so I think it's okay... :P
My two Carminas after polishing~
Just finished my polish job on the new burgundies. I didn't complete the mirror shine because I think it'd look too un-informal-like. :P
Just got my burgundy brogues in from GF.      
Finally got to shine my "Ellison." I didn't complete the mirror but I honestly didn't have enough patience after layering for two days/12 hours. :P Maybe in the future.   Before:   After:     They're not as dark as they look, just no sun these days in Vancouver. But they did get darker than original due to dark brown cream polish and some back and forth action between black and dark brown wax polish.
 Thanks! I've yet to even wear Steve's burgundy brogues but once I have them broken in I'm going to have to work on them as well! Steve provided me with a Saphir Burgundy cream with the shoe which is just wonderful.  The ones to the right are Carmina Medium Brown Captoe with no medallion.  Originally:
   Thank you for the tip, it actually was perfect advice. I used less polish and added more water and it started giving me that smooth resistance again. Almost finished, going to go add one or two more light layers tomorrow after it dries, then nylon. Looks reddish but that's just lighting. It's definitely darker since I added dark brown cream and black polish where I wanted it. Real life doesn't look as dark brown as it does in the picture. Any tips on improving the look?...
 Just got mine in from Steve! They're absolutely stunning!Also just spent yesterday and today shining my brown captoes with the polishes I picked up from Steve. Best customer service out of all the other stores/companies hands down. 
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