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That's the beauty of them :)
It looks quite accurate actually. I need to wear them a lot more for the patina to come out though like yours in the sun pic.   Here's one at a lighter time of day indoors in front of the window. Still cloudy as hell. Actually just stopped raining when I took that pic.   Actually these look quite black too except with slightly more navy. I think I just need to let my shoes age a tiny bit, I think they're just a bit darker due to my recent shine session, navy cream...
They really do look plain black. I guess it's just the cloudy weather. It felt like it was 5PM when it was only noon. I'm waiting for the sun to come out so I can quickly slip them on and take some pics of the navy, but no Mr. Sun at all.
I don't disagree that listening is a very useful tool. But sometimes expressing oneself and discussing with others may be an even better tool for understanding. But that's assuming this person is willing to learn and acknowledges that their knowledge may be or is not entirely correct or true. Too bad these kinds of people are an endangered species...
I really do not mean to disrespect anyone and I've come to appreciate everyone's help here. I've learned so much from reading all the information given to us by you guys and I'm very grateful for that. I'm going to guess no one will disagree with this and all respect your experiences and qualifications.   However, I'd like to bring up a very sensitive topic which actually pertains to every forum out there that I've visited. I too am a very experienced veteran of a forum...
We all have different preferences and trends we follow. I guess now that it's fall, it's time to wear socks since sockless is more or less a summer look..   Pitti Uomo '14 summer
Most recent purchase navy double monks from Gentlemen's Footwear!  
Finally got to wearing my navy double monks for the first time since I received them from Steve!   Sockless, then realized I hemmed these trousers conservatively so opted for socks. Which looks better? I think I should re-hem them to the top of the shoe and go sockless so I can dress my age.  
Seems to me Inca fits similar to Rain but Rain is roomier in the toe area. I own three Rains and one Inca atm and they all fit superbly for someone who has a wide foot with a high instep.
Not the best craftsmanship but looks good to me!  
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