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Rockin my navy double monks. Bad picture was intentional:)
Unfortunately not because I couldn't participate in your MTO :( Had to get Ante Snuff Suede from Korea.  They're quite unnoticeable.
Thanks I'm glad I'm doing it right. :) 
  Thank you gents for your advice! I will see to it that my shoes will be back to their original state.I've lately fully realized that shoes are meant to be worn so I wear them in rain without any regrets. Now I wouldn't wear them in snow and when they start spraying salt everywhere...
If they did, I would just be buying new shoes instead Lol!
 Carmina Dainite sole.
Thanks! They are actually Gap 1969 Raw selvedge 13oz, got them for just $90. I had them hemmed so I can get a 1 1/4" double roll on them. :)
So does anyone know what to do about bumpy/roughed up sole edge after wearing them in the rain? They look like jerky right now. 
I just cover the sole edge when polishing I think it does a good job of making it look nice. Not sure if edge dressing is necessary. I also stopped caring about a super reflective mirror shine, it gets scuffed up and I tend to bump the cap when entering my car so I just got too lazy and just buff with shoe brush. It's still pretty reflective though. 
Boredom post:   x-post from Unipair thread! Absolutely love my chukkas.
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