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Looks great Ritchie, laces nice contrast.   Glad to see more Waxy Cuba's pics, so they're getting some love. Keep them coming...
Hello Seer,   I totally agree, but for their maiden journey out and about, rather do after the first walk. I'll surely be splashing about plenty times ahead.   Waxy Cuba is impressive, just don't see too many members with pics posted up on this thread. Any guess to the general reason why?  
Hello all,   I'm new to this forum and group. Guess I joined by default after purchasing my first pair of Trickers. Waxy Cuba Stow Boots.   With all the snow and weather these days, I haven't been able to wear them out of the house.   After reading many of the pages on this thread, I don't see too many boots/shoes in Waxy Cuba, they're very nice!  
Hello All,   Just a quick hello and thank you so far for all the info contributed to this site. Your help is greatly appreciated.   Cheers!
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