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Cheers Yankmod! Your support is much appreciated. I had doubts when I changed my look because I'm the "odd one out", but it's thanks to blokes like you that I've persevered and not looked back. This site is a useful guide to someone like me as to what to wear besides the staple Docs and Levis, etc. Thanks to everyone for that. Vin
Well that's your point of view. The scene as it was was long gone when I'd grown up and I did what everyone else was doing at the time. Bored with so-called fashion now and decided to go back to a style I think was really great after getting into Oi! bands. You can criticise me if you like but I am happy doing what I'm doing. I've had nothing but support from the ex-Skinheads I've met.
Mate I'm so pleased there's someone else out there living the dream. I wanted to be a skinhead when I was about 6 in 1980 and decided last year to do it. I spent ages researching the look rather than rely just on memory and I've never felt happier! I just wish there were more blokes like you around. We need to keep the scene alive! Get yourself over to England for the Brighton Skinhead Reunion in May!!! [quote name="gaul"...
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