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I have a pair of AE boots w/ leather soles which I am considering getting re-crafted w/ Danite rubber soles because I live in a wet climate (Pacific North West). Can anyone tell me if the rubber soles will be heavier or lighter than the leather soles? And do rubber soles generally last longer than leather soles? Thx!
I love conditioning my leather shoes and boots (and then polishing them). The conditioning makes them so soft. I use leather honey and sometimes extra virgin organic coconut oil. But tan leather goes quite dark from conditioning. Just wondering if there's a trick so tan leather can be conditioned but not go too dark...? Thx.
Hi, Are these size 9 E? And if so, still fir sale?
Diesel. Uber comfy & soft.  Blend of cotton / poly / elastane (57/38/5). I've tried to find t-shirts made of this material, but no luck.   If you know where I can find any, let me know!  
Hi, I was just wondering if someone would be able to tell me the differences between a silk/cotton blend sweater VS a merino or cashmere or regular cotton sweater. Is the silk/cotton blend going to pill quickly? warmth? breathability? durability? etc... The sweater in question is 55/45 (silk/cotton) blend. Thanks.
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