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Epaulet #8 Brixton    
Does anyone have the size 10 list from the shoe mart they wouldn't mind sharing?
Awesome stuff, giving me a lot of ideas...
Leffot Cooney Boot in Snuff Suede have arrived.
Was able to grab the last pair in my size of #8 tanker boots from Yenni. December can't come soon enough.
Wearing these to a wedding this afternoon.
Thanks for the info guys. I think I might go with the J Crew pct boot in #8. I think it's subdued enough for the interview and not as flashy as the wingtips.
That's what I was thinking. Just keep it simple for the interview? I don't have any Alden shoes in black but I've got something that should work.
I have an interview on Thursday. Which should I wear with a navy blue suit?
Looks like I was able to grab the last Leffot Cooney boot in Snuff! I can't wait!
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