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Looks like I was able to grab the last Leffot Cooney boot in Snuff! I can't wait!
Indy's doing work.
Alden X J. Crew
Maiden voyage of my Ravello boots. I managed to get the last pair in 9.5d and am so glad that I did. These may be my favorite pair of boots.
Ordered the herringbone CPO. I agree that the pocket placement is different but I think that makes this jacket unique. I can't wait to receive it.
Maiden voyage of the Leffot Greenwich Boot.
Hey guys, just received these boots. Any info on them? I am pleasantly surprised by the color of them, kinda look more like cigar than #8. I really do like them. Gotta spend some time with my bone and brush. I was told they were the Epaulet Brixton boot in #8. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
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