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I was in the nakameguro army gym about a month ago. All the cherry blossoms were out. Very beautiful area. Friendly staff too. Even though we didn't understand a word from each other. Thanks for posting the pics Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
Soak it in cold water? It wouldn't shrink I guess. But don't hold that to me. I'd gate for you to shrink and unable to wear it
I just soaked and shrunk my mallory vest. Worked a treat. It shrank half a size as expected and the length shrank at least an inch which is what I wanted. It is a lot softer now and sits a bit better because of the lack off stiffness. I was a bit nervous to do it because I haven't found any one else that's done it. Very happy with the result.
That combo with the brown jacket and the camo vest looks great I used my brown/black mallory vest and tenzing camo jacket together and that looked great too.
I just steam ironed my mallory with a tea towel over the top and it worked a treat. Got to say the mallory jacket with the mallory vest under looks awesome. Can't wait for it to get cold enough to wear it. The camo looks overall brighter and greener with the ss13. Which might but look very good with the lighter less vibrant ss12 jacket.
Hi all A couple of things 1. Is the new ss13 camo pattern the same as ss12 stuff. I've got the tenzing camo and those new waistcoats look sweet. And 2. I've just did the soak in warm water thing with my mallory and one of the lapels doesn't sit flat when wearing. Is it best to get it pressed or use starch? The tweed now is much softer and feels a lot better with an overall better fit.
But the vest? Would it shrink to a funny shape?
Hi everyone. Just joined up to this forum because I am a huge cabourn fan. Quick inquiry. Has anyone ever soaked a mallory vest before? I know people do malloryjackets but i was wondering if you can do the same to the vest. The reason why i ask is that I hover between a 46 and 48 as far as sizing goes so I thought I could shrink a 48 for a better fit
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