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So I'm not really sure what was going on in those last few posts, but I wanted to update quick. It sounds like I made a bad call on the PA's based on what I need. I still want something versatile, so I searched around for thoughts on the Strand, McAllister, McTavish, and MacNeil.   I decided on the Strands in walnut because they look great. There are split opinions on whether they're strictly formal, but lots of people agree they even work with jeans... including AE's CEO...
I wish I wasn't so new so my posts didn't have to be moderated before being posted... lots of good info, so thanks to everyone. And sorry that my replies will be outdated by the time they're live!
  Fantastic proverb! I agree business casual is very vague and even if you came into my office you wouldn't be able to say it falls on either end of the spectrum because people wear all kinds of things. It's a good point about others not giving a rip about what I'm wearing and it's very true. I don't want to get too hung up on what the perfect shoe is, but as I try to improve my own style I want start looking like I at least somewhat know what I'm doing.
  Wow, that was a nice read. It sounds like as long as I dressed in the higher end of business casual that black PA's would be fine. If I did end up keeping them, then it would be a good excuse to dress better and build a nicer wardrobe. Thanks for the thoughtful reply... although this makes my decision a little less clear!
  Cords and a polo would be acceptable at my office, but I've started wearing long sleeve button downs and slacks. They're still relatively casual though. A number of my shirts are striped and some are checkered (whatever the design term is). Sometimes I wear chinos/khakis with just a sweater.     For me it's button-up. It sounds like most people agree with you that Park Aves are best with suits and I should find something different for my current situation.     I'm...
Thanks again for your suggestions. Very helpful! I think I'll take Fifth Ave out of the running and try to pick McNeil, McAllister, McTavish, or Strand. I'd like my first pair to be versatile if possible, but since they'd only occasionally be worn with a suit it's more important that they aren't too formal.
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  Thanks. I guess I just got too excited about getting nice new shoes that I forgot to consider what would be best with the clothes I wear on a daily basis.  I definitely do like some of these brown shoes. The Delray looks great.     Thanks for doing the trial-and-error for my exact situation. :) I'm glad I'm finding this out before I actually got a chance to wear them.     Yeah, at least they're good shoes, right? But I'll look at some of these more informal choices...
First, thanks to everyone who has posted on this site. There has a been a lot of great information for improving your style.   The first thing I want to upgrade in my wardrobe is shoes and using this forum and a couple other sites as guides, I've settled on Allen Edmonds. The Park Avenues seemed to be universally loved as a first pair. I went ahead and finally ordered these, but now I'm wondering if I chose the right style. My work is business casual and I basically...
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