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Thanks again for the responses.   I am sorry that some people felt attacked -- reading over the posts again, I can see how some might think I was saying that thrifted clothing is inferior. That is not the case -- a brioni is a brioni, a kiton is a kiton, etc. But I still strongly believe that a brioni in great condition > a brioni in average condition -- I think most of you will agree.   That being said, I assume this is a place to discuss clothing, fashion,...
cool. this is opening my eyes a lot. starting to see you guys value the hunt itself just as much, if not more than, the actual clothes. anyone can walk into bergdorfs and pick out an Armani suit, but not everyone can find one in their local thrift. that being said, I suppose a vintage suit is kind of like a bespoke/mtm, because it will be more rare than a current season's offering off the rack.
I appreciate the feedback, even that which must be taken with a grain of salt. that being said, I was very clear that I am aware I will not have the same taste or opinion as everyone else and vice versa, at no point did I say something was right or wrong. but I am curious for some insight on the mindset of bargain hunters -- I am thankful to those of you who responded honestly and provided that insight. it is interesting to understand the different types of bargain...
I'm just trying to help monitor the items here so I don't have to look through 50 old raggedy, stained shirts to see 1 or 2 true items of beauty.besides, if I want the opinion of people who thrift, no point in starting a new thread when I can go to the source.my posts have been sincere and genuine, but if you want to get an attitude... you don't see me complaining that all your "available" posts should really go in the classified section, do you?this is a bragging thread,...
i would put my money on the moncler being real. seriously, you are lucky it's not my size
thanks for the response, burnout. I totally get your point. I suppose I am more of a buyer/wearer than a flipper/seller. thus, I won't buy something that isn't in good shape just to make $30 to even $100+ -- but if it's in great condition but a wrong size, I do buy with a friend/family member in mind. that being said, I don't see the point in "bragging" about something in shitty condition that you are just going to sell for $30
maybe I'm in the minority here, but is it really worth (for example) buying a brioni shirt that is faded and beat to shit? sure the quality of a brioni jacket is something that can last for years when treated well, but a lot of the things I see posted here they are well past their expiration date. Personally, I will only buy a used item that nobody can tell is used. And I will only buy a vintage item that is meant to last a while, like a jacket or sport coat -- not a...
since the standard attire at your office is tie but no jacket (much worse than jacket with no tie, imo), it doesn't seem like your colleagues are sartorially picky enough to even judge you and your tie. that being said, start wearing a jacket in the office anyway -- or a cardigan, even -- and you will stand out and maybe even change the dress culture at the office! back to matching your tie -- those above have given great tips so i won't even bother.
hi, my name is -- you guessed it -- mvxwell. if you can't figure out my given name from my handle, we probably won't be friends. i am a firm believer in retail therapy -- it's the only therapy that is guaranteed to work 100% of the time -- particularly for hangovers. i am a sucker for leather accents and, well, leather in general. but s&m creeps me out. if you're opinionated, we have something in common. but it's important to admit when you are (or i am) wrong.
cool! the first pics don't give the fabric justice until you see the more detailed pics.
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