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catching up on a few things purchased over the past month or two + recent week: Isaia pale blue shirt (from fellow Styleforum member!) Tom Ford tie Zegna tie Zegna MTM medium blue shirt (used gift cards; turned out pretty well and liked the spare collar/ cuffs) recently purchased grey and deep red Zegna tie in background Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
hmmm.....I think i'm interested. Looks like a nice roll on the lapel down to two buttons? is the jacket double vented? can the sleeve buttons be made functional by a good custom tailor, do you think? have the sides/ waist been taken in by previous owner already (not that this matters too much, just curious how much additional tailoring I'll have to pay for) feel free to PM me or email me directly Russ
Barims, that is some serious style-- I'm certain you blew away everyone else at the event. reminds me of the latest D&G dinner jackets, pretty sure it is a new look for the upcoming season-- very sharp
I've purchased kiton shirts from ebay, online sellers, and stores that have items available thru the web (such as stanley korshak). Not sure of your question, but every kiton i've ever purchased has been very large in the back and waist on me, always have to get a good tailor to adjust these areas (I'm a 41 or 42" chest, 32" waist)
update on the cole haan shoes noted in initial thread-- they got damaged when i neglected to polish before taking them out for duty, light rain left spots and damage as a result. wasn't able to get them polished during the 2 week biz trip, unfortunately Cole Haan graciously replaced the shoes for me, very happy to have these replacements of the original, very comfortable, light, and good looking for future trips with both khakis and dress trousers of most every color.
Argh, have been swamped at work and home-- please pm me about light blue shirt size 16, will PayPal u ASAP Very interested in solid gray Isaia suit size 40reg FF trousers that u mentioned in another thread for 1350 if u can get one for me-- looks like super 130s wool instead of typical aquaspider (Don't really care for the aquaspider )
out of neccessity, picked up an overnight/ less-than-a-week travel bag, and really like that it has "shoe pockets" on both sides, allowing for two pairs of shoes placed in the bottom of the spacious bag for trips. really like the leather handles and lightweight nylon-fiber construction. this bag and a canvas suit/ hanging back for a suit works pretty well. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
Whnay, awesome additions to your wardrobe as always -- really appreciate that u take the time to photograph and comment for the enjoyment and further education of folks like me. Keep em coming! The gray 10oz is especially impressive.
wow, gorgeous stuff-- I'm hoping the prices drop on the isaia polo shirts (size medium i think, unless they run small, as I'm a 40reg jacket size). Isaia size 16 shirt is a pale blue/ smooth finish cotton, correct? Love the checked sportcoat, but way out of my price range
I would recommend you contact Cole Haan to ask them for advice on what to do-- I've actually become a fan of their shoes for summer and travel footwear, really comfortable and easy to care for. You might send an email thru the website, and call one of the stores (703) 506-2115 is the tysons galleria store here in VA, and they seem very helpful.
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