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have been meaning to pick this up for a while; finally purchased this tie after seeing it in this pic with a gray suit. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
dragon--how do you like this suit? I have the same one, but haven't actually worn it as a suit yet, just as separates. what other ties have ya paired with it-- lookin for ideas, myself. thanks!
thanks man! It is a medium weight wool and silk off the rack, and they hardly did any alterations to it at all (but kindly did handstitched sleeve buttonholes overnight and dropped it off at my hotel the following evening for me!). It was pretty cool to have Lino consult on jacket, shirt, and tie choices. overall, the visit to milan (and especially Al Bazar) was a great education for me on cut and fit
once again, you are killin it-- and i don't even like four button DBs! great example of how purple label should look!
Dunno if a tailor can shorten the jacket an inch to make a difference without screwing the balance, but as prev noted by others trousers are really long/ go for almost no break instead. To me, this could be an example of how certain brands may not suit a particular person-- kiton jackets are cut much too long for me if purchased in the 'regular' length, so I mostly get Isaia, which seems a better fit and cut for me overall (and can do MTM for around 3k). Purple label is...
I dunno what this means at all-- but hope you liked the pic G Lorenzi was a great place I've seen to get a really cool gift for a gentleman, if you're not looking for a tie, clothing, etc. had I known I would end up checking a bag, I probably would have bought a knife or razor.
thank you! it's pretty bold for my conservative tastes, so that's good to hear. I wore it my last day in milan, with a new favorite tie (khaki solid color cashmere by AD56, another small but perfect store in milan), denim, and shirt from Al Bazar. this is by far the most fitted DB I've worn to date, and really dig the shoulders on this one.
*sigh* last day in one of the great style capitals of the world......back to shitsville, middle east late tonight. last espresso at Cova, and a snap of the G. Lorenzi store light blue wool + silk Al Bazar DB blazer Al Bazar spread collar shirt AD56 khaki cashmere tie earnest sewn dark denim oliver peoples sunglasses brown suede loafers Uploaded with ImageShack.us
thanks, guys! yep, it was a lot of fun in the store-- again, make sure you don't buy much elsewhere before visiting this location, i thought there was a lot to consider here. I didn't care for the three button jackets, but the three DBs I tried on in the store were all ok on the hanger, but something special when putting them on. In making this a complete trip, picked up some blue suede loafers at Tods Vittorio Emanuele II location, actually saved a little $$ on things...
no, I killed him two weeks ago, BECAUSE THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!!but that reminds me-- thought this was hilarious and took a pic while in Como. I'd like to think it was resident George Clooney who wrote the rebuttal below original message.....Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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