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how did you know? Interesting, I had them pegged for handmade to measure by Armani. Quote: Originally Posted by PaoloM E. Zegna. Don't know the cut/model name of the suit.
Ed green and RLPL experts, what is the Edward green model name for the purple label Eden with elastic side gores? Does anyone own the Edens for comments on for/ comfort? Thanks!
because i stayed thru the credits last night to see the "extra," happened to see David August credited with Downey's suits in the film. Didn't like them all that much, but an interesting read: http://www.davidaugustinc.com/experience.aspx "We knew Robert Downey Jr wouldn't disappoint. Despite his broken robot heart, he is clearly having the time of his life, and unlike so many onscreen millionaires, he carries it all off convicingly. (The fact RDJ has his own...
can someone tell me what shoes with elastic side gores are called? I remember seeing some by Ferragamo a while back, looked much like RM Williams craftsman but without the tops/ shoes instead of boots. I'm searching for some good looking slip-on travel dress shoes, have two big biz trips coming up in a few weeks, but everything I've seen in slip-on looks shitty-- closest thing I've found so far that MIGHT work for me are...
this comparison makes little sense to me-- clearly, the tailor constructed two very different sets of shoulders for these suits. Whnay's suit has almost a roped effect, while Matt's were done very soft (and likely had considerable break-in time, after repeated wearings). As far as a relationship of height to wearing a 6x2 double breasted suit, seems like bespoke means you are not really limited to a certain style for your shape/ proportion if it is made just for you! ...
BUMP for updates/ more photos. Whnay, did I miss further photos of your recently completed items? I don't think I ever caught photos showing the fit and cut of your chalkstriped suit, etc., if you wouldn't mind posting them/ again. thanks!
has anyone visited lately-- for example, the tom ford section as shown in the recent Rake magazines?
damn, that is one stellar tuxedo. whoever purchases this great looking tux, please post photos before and after tailoring!
Damn, that is dapper. You consistently nail the styleforum-ideals, in my opinion-- wish I were at your skill level!! Quote: Originally Posted by oldog/oldtrix
wow....that is some serious omega-porn. very nice!!! I'm definitely enjoying my seamaster GMT from prestigetime.com, and have really only seen one storefront compete with their prices (a place in maryland, who will ship to avoid state taxes).
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