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nope-- made for bergdorf, apparently. definitely needs a lot of work/ buttonholes Uploaded with ImageShack.us Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 ^Bespoke? What's with all the basting threads?
new suit, hopefully the last for a good long while-- taking to Fields in DC for tailoring this weekend, if it arrives by then Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us[/quote]
Believe me, nothing is more stupid over there than the Polo short controversy -- started with outlawing them for soldiers then we were next! So dumb! Wow, that bulletproof stuff is wild -- might have to get one just for fun/ trips around country for extra protection, but definitely overkill for a lowly contracts guy like me!
with the exception of GBR's and Tristan's fucking idiotic comments, good suggestions! Please keep 'em coming. I'll be working in combat zones, and cargo pants are sorta the dress code and serve a function. tchoy, i found a worn-in light blue washed jcrew shirt that seem to be great with the pants, thanks for recommending. I'll be taking a handful of short sleeve polo shirts for the warmer months, but the company has discouraged them a little as "not really collared...
noted, but usually like the advice of guys in this forum more than the streetwear folks. Quote: Originally Posted by soxpats Might be in wrong forum
gearing up for my next overseas adventure, but still have trouble figuring out what the hell to wear with all these cargo pants. the green and khaki pairs are easier, but really liked these (almost a chocolate brown in person) and got em on sale as well. can't put a khaki shirt with them-- ideas? thanks! Uploaded with ImageShack.us
Quote: Originally Posted by bleachboy That is an awesome fall/weather uniform that I am a big fan of. I would recommend getting a pair of nice dark raw denim jeans, though. I think that color you're wearing is icky and 100% in Dad Jeans territory. It sounds all SW&D, but A.P.C. New Standard jeans are awesome, will last you decades probably, have no logos on them anywhere, and are slim without being skinny. I am a big fan. I'll wear some tomorrow...
last of the denim-days-for-breast-cancer at work; I think I'm gonna wear the jacket/ sweater/ jeans combo a lot more often outside of work. RLPL grey suit jacket light grey, lightweight polo crewneck sweater white dress shirt jeans polo chocolate suede d-ring belt tods chocolate suede ankle boots Uploaded with ImageShack.us
a chilly, conservative Monday: navy 3 button rolled to 2 blazer light blue kiton shirt new tie from bergdorf!! 7 fold Isaia gray flannel trousers brown polo suede belt & EG ankle boots Uploaded with ImageShack.us
damn, that is a sharp suit-- and with suede shoes, no less! nice! walking around the City this weekend (thankfully, only bought one tie and some grooming stuff this trip). friend caught a candid shot for me: TF sunglasses AG jeans and gray polo jersey cotton shirt, polo suede belt RL black label 'escape' jacket Tods brown suede boots Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us And also, this hot belly dancer from dinner. ...
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