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Strangely, the gent working the kiton shop at Saks put me in several sportcoats & suits in various sizes-- we both agreed the 38s was a beautiful fit, like a glove!! If anyone spots any 2 button kitons in 38s US/ 48s European, please let me know.
kiton shirts seem to be a consistent win for me, as i have a longer neck than average (collar points are longer on kitons), but definitely cannot avoid a trip to my favorite tailor to alter body fit and sleeve length, which only adds to the already high price. you might also try Isaia shirts, which are between borrelli and kitons, in my opinion (collars/ construction/ buttons/ shoulders sorta remind me of a kiton/ borrelli hybrid) Quote: Originally...
maybe a sweet pair of C&J via pediwear ? The drummond gets my vote! http://www.pediwear.co.uk/crockett/products/1864.php Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger Stuff I'm already having made up: Winter Shepherds Check SC Heavy Grey Herringbone Tweed SC Brown Plaid SC Light-Mid Grey Nailhead Trousers Very Light Brown Flannel/Cashmere Trousers Mid Grey Trousers White, Blue, Lilac Shirts Think I'm going to add a pair of brown...
medium gray wool serge Polo trousers, and these two jackets (one a take on a waxed cotton jacket, the other a black nylon/ waterproof with leather trim and removable liners/ inner collar) Uploaded with ImageShack.us
Sorry if I missed it, viewing thru phone-- is Dior spider tie still available? Would like to purchase
did isaia shirts get a lot slimmer than I remembered? I bought one recently from the B&S forum, sleeves seem snug on my biceps/ snug across my back?
Highly recommend checking out the new line of Saks brand coats, available at the Saks men stores. Tried on a few in the Chicago store, VERY nice! Be sure to put on a suit jacket while trying on in the store.
whnay-- wow, awesome pix-- the chalkstripe and solid gray are especially great. superb suits and coats!
Perhaps you're not familiar with the term "JOAN HOLLOWAY" Suiting up and throwing on a skinny tie to drink, watch good TV, and see women in their attempt at 60s garb? The anwswer must be a resounding YES. Quote: Originally Posted by gaseousclay costume party? erm, no.
Just curious who is attending a Mad Men season premiere party tonight? Those in the greater DC area, see you there-- funny that it's far easier for guys, as we can simply put on a suit/ narrow tie/ pocket square, and we're good to go http://www.arlingtondrafthouse.com/?page=event&eid=1144 Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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