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Thanks! Hadn't thought of those colors, will try some on upcoming shirt hunting trip.As for the belstaff jacket, I don't think it is one of the classic lines like the trialmaster but I'll check the label. I think it was new for spring to follow the tan-jacket trend
yep, i was surprised to see that label there, didn't know they carried it. actually, bloomingdales turned out to be one of the unexpected highlights of the trip; 30% off any purchase in the store the first day, and when i went back to take another look at stuff, LBM jackets were on racks marked 40% off, so couldn't pass this one if i could just find a shirt that really goes well with the jacket but isn't boring (i.e. plain light blue doesn't seem enough) so i can...
belstaff jacket from new bergdorf purchases, and managed to wear the light blue sportcoat from Al Bazar once more before storage. hanging out with a good friend in NYC.
had to break out the new zegna trench for a rainy night out
finally, got pix up-- recent purchases: new trousers and ties Uploaded with from the awesome Bloomingdales sale, zegna blue trench and lubiam LBM 1911 summer sportcoat Uploaded with and....Bontonis from Bergdorf. was cool to meet the company guys from Bontoni, learned about the construction and leather processing/ staining to get the coloring effect. a new prized piece in the collection! Uploaded with
Will have pix of new purchases late in the week, tan belstaff jacket & bontoni brown shoes (hand stained to amazing effect/ depth of leather color from Bergdorf, but had to share two really great finds to add to my NYC favorites -- denim therapy at 8th Ave & 38th step 901 (Any and ALL denim alterations / repairs), Badichi custom belts for denim ready in minutes (select from large variety of buckles & leathers) 298 Bleecker St, and Keste pizza 271 Bleecker. Highly...
shiny tie doesn't seem to hold up with the rest of the excellent and well-cut combo; would definitely swap it out for a textured, or better yet a knit tie, solid wool, or cashmere tie.
great posts recently-- in particular, that Sartoria Partenopea suit is killer-- wow, really great piece.
nice one! I'll be contributing to this thread myself in a few days, will finally get to see the new kitons and a patterned isaia MTM from my last nyc visit!
my two cents on the subject......i have avoided DB for the past several years, considering them outdated. however, now that DB style seems to be back in, I tried on a trimmer cut jacket at a store I definitely added to my favorites of all time, Al Bazar. This is the first DB cut/ fit I've ever really liked, even the softer but possibly sloped shoulders seemed really good to me-- I would totally order a grey flannel suit from them in this cut if i could, and probably...
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