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wow-- "spit shine" polish those RLPL shoes, and you are good to go with your upcoming tux events. those look great! If only you were a 42L, there is a superb example of a RLPL suit up on the auction block right now......or better yet, if only it were a 40R I could snap it up for myself!!! this tux is f*cking AMAZING in person. http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-NWT-RALPH-LA...item335b2e3c10 I guess a few posters disagree with my suggestions against satin lapels, but I am...
If you can't get a RLPL for that pricepoint (the one with ribbed silk peaked lapels-- and you may well find one for $3k if you call the polo beverley hills store for those still sale marked), I would suggest the following for this long-term investment piece. peaked, ribbed silk lapels [NO SATIN LAPELS PLEASE! IF YOU'RE BUYING, GET RIBBED SILK!) one button double vented jacket is nice, slightly unconventional but a good addition IMO (not all will agree, but i hate a...
nice! can I get sleeve measurement on the solid cream shirt? I forget, are the TF shirts pretty slim cut/ any surprises (i.e. looks like a medium spread collar-- no button-down under the collar or anything crazy, right?)
Actually, i think it is a combination of my weird build and that I took this photo after wearing the jacket for about 13 hours (7AM to after 8PM). most of my jacket sleeves look like this on me, i think my arms bend too much naturally/ when relaxed or something. Quote: Originally Posted by Son Of Saphir Sleeve very bad on suit
anniversary today, enjoyed dinner at a great local restaurant. MTM Isaia navy blazer, lower patch pockets and double vents/ silvery gunmetal plain finish buttons (after 13 hours of wearing) zanella tan trousers (need replacing, wrinkle too much and not the most flattering cut) isaia white and pale blue striped FC shirt knit silk knots cufflinks recently narrowed zegna tie john lobb parisian brown belt and shoes
let's not be TOO critical of the movie wardrobe until it is at least released in theatres!!! Since the shoes are gucci bit loafers, it's possible the suit is also of the brand-- although, i would not be surprised if there is some custom tom ford in the film. Wonder if Alan Flusser had anything to do with this film??? Shirtmaker Mel Gambert is already on board, from what i can see online.
movies like Empire Strikes Back and IJ & Last crusade give me hope. I think the style will evolve in the film, possibly with Gekko giving Shia's character some criticisms. in any event, i think it will be a good 'suit movie' Quote: Originally Posted by jamesbond I'm a bit surprised by your optimism Fox. Thought you knew better, sequel's always fall short especially when it's a sequel to such a classic. Sure, it will be better viewing then...
the more i see/ read about this movie, the more I like it (except for the gucci loafers.....maybe). The trailer is classic, especially claiming "one mobile phone" from his prison affects
that's great news-- wonder who made Shia's leather jacket (one of several in the film, looks like)
Cautiously optimistic, I'm more excited about this than the Indiana Jones movie! Let's hope it is better than the recent rape of Indy. wonder who did Shia's wardrobe? I for one CANNOT FUCKING WAIT for this movie! have been talking about it for years, and looks like charlie sheen will make a brief appearance in the film? awesome. I've seen release dates of March or April 23rd, not sure which is accurate?
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