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bought this one recently, best/ most versatile yet lightweight bag i've ever owned. always fits in the airplane overhead, as well. I think it is on sale for $129 http://www.colehaan.com/colehaan/catalog/product.jsp?catId=100&productId=329785&productGroup=&pwpHash=shop,pwp,c-100/f-10002+70017+4294966446/t-MEN%27S|BRIEFCASES_{AMP}_BAGS just after I bought it, saw the same bag discussed in Esquire, see #11 http://www.esquire.com/style/ask-nic...ng-advice-2010
rainy & muggy in the DC area today; wore one of my favorite shirts (light blue kiton altered locally by a really great tailor I like), grey polo serge trousers, polo grey wool tie, black armani collezioni rain jacket and new black ankle boots (meh...hugo boss, but they look decent and have rubber soles). Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
damn, i need to start taking photos outside-- this was the only one that came out sharp (at 6AM) presentation at work, broke out the pinstriped wool & cashmere very dark blue RLPL suit, crispy grey PL tie, pale blue Isaia shirt, pale plue pocket square, and black Lobb laceups. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
MMKN, hope you will post more photos of the suit after pressing; hard to get an idea on the shape of the suit with your arm positions. Is the Alexander Kabbaz shirt a button down collar? can't quite make it out in the pic. Quote: Originally Posted by mmkn I am still waiting for the "It looks OTR" comments . . . Yes, thus I still make three trips a year to NYC to visit Mr. Green. - M PS, was too excited to press it for...
Niidawg and Oldtrix, stellar posts as always. I still can't figure out how 'dawg gets things to fit so well. Finally got to break into the fall wardrobe, and shovel the spring/ summer stuff into a back closet of the guest room. one of my favorite suits for fit and cut (gray RLPL), new saks brand cashmere tie, isaia shirt, and freshly pressed juice o' the bean from the Handpresso Uploaded with ImageShack.us
recommend you check out one of the larger stores to get the full effect of RL. The new season of grays and tans (in both Polo brand and Black Label) is pretty nice stuff, and there is a LOT of suede incorporated into his collections this year. The store in Tysons Galleria near me, for example, is pretty limited and doesn't really appear very exciting-- while the store in Chevy Chase is drop-dead-sexy, so many great pieces & well displayed, difficult not to buy...
Looking for a reasonably priced pair of black leather wingtip ankle boots, or a pair of pebble grain black ankle boots (the damned Peals pebble grains at Brooksbrothers never go on sale!!). Basically, need a pair of nice, fairly dressy black boots that would look good with this jacket and a pair of gray flannel trousers, etc.: Uploaded with ImageShack.us
all items SOLD, thank you guys! As noted, I will ship Friday/ Saturday after returning from the most boring business trip ever.
Bump 4 pix
very informative thread-- at some point, guess I'll have to bite the bullet and do a recraft from lobb when the time comes. In the meantime, seems like a good move to have several pairs of shoes in rotation, all purchased at a discount (most I've ever paid for prestige lobbs was $750, I think). While still a while off (probably at least a year or two down the road), I'd love to have the lobbs come back looking like new again/ done by the lobb specialists, and new...
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