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shiny tie doesn't seem to hold up with the rest of the excellent and well-cut combo; would definitely swap it out for a textured, or better yet a knit tie, solid wool, or cashmere tie.
great posts recently-- in particular, that Sartoria Partenopea suit is killer-- wow, really great piece.
nice one! I'll be contributing to this thread myself in a few days, will finally get to see the new kitons and a patterned isaia MTM from my last nyc visit!
my two cents on the subject......i have avoided DB for the past several years, considering them outdated. however, now that DB style seems to be back in, I tried on a trimmer cut jacket at a store I definitely added to my favorites of all time, Al Bazar. This is the first DB cut/ fit I've ever really liked, even the softer but possibly sloped shoulders seemed really good to me-- I would totally order a grey flannel suit from them in this cut if i could, and probably...
thanks! I figured barneys might have some, and will check the others. much appreciated!
Guys-- Where can I find a good selection of CP Company clothing in Manhattan? Headed there in a few weeks, and would like to check out this brand/ try on the goggle jackets for fit. thanks!
possibly saks nyc has more, might be worth a call and see if u can send sales rep a pic. i thought they'd start popping up from discounters/ ebay by now tho, def from last season. for less than price i paid, u could get this similar cashmere tie, with a free panta tie thrown in, looks like!http://www.ebay.com/itm/LOT-of-2-Cashmere-Seven-Fold-Ties-NWT-Kiton-Panta-/320876452454?pt=US_Mens_Ties&hash=item4ab5ba1a66
thanks-- as imhoff noted, it's isaia. i think it is wool/cash blend, probably still left from fall 2011 collection
have been meaning to pick this up for a while; finally purchased this tie after seeing it in this pic with a gray suit. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
New Posts  All Forums: