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Gaaah....didn't realize Mantova made different models of jackets. This one is a classic tweed herringbone, very Tradley. 40 reg, double vented lower patch pockets
Thanks! Shoulders not as sloped yet soft like the al Bazar tho...from what I've seen. Gianpaulo pulled me a size that fit like a glove then delivered to my hotel later that night. Brilliant stuff IMO
Was just going thru the spare closet -- I need to wear the DB jacket from Al Bazar more. To date, one of the best looking, best fitting clothing I've seen. Wish I could get a DB solid tan jacket or DB gray flannel suit from them!! http://www.thesartorialist.com/photos/al-bazar-milan/
Perhaps-- but Connery seemed to make em look good nonetheless 😀. I always wondered what brand and model of Fedora Bertie Wooster wore in the tv series, always looked extremely good
Tibor!Do you have one of these? Something tells me it might suit you"Did you know… the Sandown, worn by Sean Connery in the early Bond movies is still sold at Lock & Co today."
Ha! Didn't purchase the suit at Bergdorf-- although I'm sure the $8k suit was crafted of unicorn mane and silverback gorilla chin whiskers, I'll take Sartorio fit Barneys every time 😃
You lucky bastard. Kiton (with exception of possibly one suit at bergdorf for the price of a nice used car) never fits me right, even with very good alterations.
Just saying....the suitsupply navy velvet jacket looks amazing and priced well in my opinion!! I like the full velvet from them, too...http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/eveningwear-2014*polo MTM tux was a good deal, MTM for off the rack price. I was unable to resist
New Years! Cross post from black tie thread. Polo MTM blue tux, Sam Hober tie, RLPL ribbed silk cummerbund
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