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Would like to see the first one as worn, kinda like it but hard to tell. If the second one is 4 button x 1, I say definitely no on that one. If it was 6x2, I don't think it would be bad at all, especially in midnight blue. If you're in the market for a tux tho-- again, the examples shown in Paul Stuart online catalogues are great references!! If budget is tighter, this one is a very good option, in my...
I want to dislike your shirt due to the skimpy collar and gap where collar meets-- but everything appears so well executed, I can't criticize a thing!
...seriously? To me, the only very small critique in have on this one is the shirt stripes are same scale as those of the suit. Tie looks fairly narrow and I'm unable to see any largeness of tie knot here?? [[SPOILER]]
Oh shit!!!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ "Russ, I am in Naples today at Sartorio. I am happy to say that your navy suit will ship from the factory tomorrow."
Oh man....the shoulder of that jacket...so great!!! I'm back in NYC 23rd thru 27th, DEFINITELY planning to get a piece or two from Eidos at Bloomingdales this time [
Highly recommend checking Paul Stuart (esp phineas cole collection) for the accessories you mention. There is also an amazing ivory jacket in phineas catalog for 1500, worth a look http://www.paulstuart.com/catalog_display.cfm?headermenuid=4&c=PhineasCole-Spring-2014 Curious what others have to say about cummerbunds, I thought bond pulled it off well without one and I liked the look
Any word on Memorial Day weekend/ 23rd thru 27th May sales?
You could always do a tux from Indochino or similar operation, for less than the cost of Castangia and get all the details you might be seeking.*laughing* I don't know that a tuxedo could ever be considered "practical," even if you live in Paris! This is a luxurious, extraneous special-purpose purchase only for a man of style and some degree of success. Otherwise, u must simply rent as the masses do, and put any comparisons to feeling like Bond aside πŸ˜„Just sold the black...
I really hope you go to Anderson and Sheppard! I mean, if you're going to do it-- why fuck around? You'll end up wishing u would have gone there for a legendary suit if you don't!! Don't regret! Make an appointment, visit for a truly memorable experience and get measurements taken. Hope you'll consider a DB, and show them this photo from a recent Rake magazine A&S suit. Request they continue work on suit fitting upon next upcoming visit to the USA, and go meet them....
Clags-- Please consider buying this suit from your friends at B&Tailor-- look at dat small, high armhole and very soft shoulder!!
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