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Received the new suit, but stashing till November weather! MTM grey flannel
Gotta give this a quick press and put away....going to be a while before I can wear this one ! MTM grey flannel [IMG New suit from big barneys sale, all tailored up and ready
Just a hot day, after work Andrea Campagna 3 roll 2 jacket White shirt, knit tie, grey trousers Botticelli brown loafers
Yep, I would avoid a red satin tie-- much better to go with a tie that has a nice texture to it-- especially with a stripe or dot pattern, too. After that, perhaps a sharp cutaway collar shirt from Kamakura would be in order 😀www.thetiebar.com/product/35802us.suitsupply.com/en_US/ties/navy-tie/D151054.html?cgid=Ties
Saw your Instagram also-- sir, u have a great eye for ties to complement your jackets/ shirts. Following for more inspiration on my own combos, but u are def next level
I mean....I think the value is $79 for a really nice shirt. With the different cuts and sleeve lengths available, guess the MTM doesn't get the attention
After a couple visits to the mad ave store, I've been recommending Kamakura to people for a while now. Finally purchased three shirts for myself, they are fast becoming my favorite shirts for the office. I even like the collars, and I'm convinced this is THE white button down collar shirt for every wardrobe. I like the Tokyo slims
I can't help but wonder what suitsupply stuff might do for ya. Especially the trousers.
What....are these shoes with this great suit? Maybe just a bad pic ?
Other travel-- from left to right, Bigi at Barneys, Cesare Attolini, Drakes sale at Bergdorf, Bigi at Barneys
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