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Another great example--- really like the fit and cut, especially on the sides!
Partenopea jacket, great choice man!! I always admire their make, cut, shoulder
EFV--What a great take on menswear -- reminds me of the elegant woman who works for the Rake magazine. Don't know if it's your fiancee's height or cut of the clothes, but to my eye looks superior to the other recent examples in this thread!
Thanks! That suitsupply tuxedo looks stellar, that guy wears it well
Cool-- but check out cutaway collars of Kamakura as well, might like what you see(esp for the price)
Post a pic that includes shoulders/ more full length shot, will ya? I suspect this is one worth showing off
Would like to see the first one as worn, kinda like it but hard to tell. If the second one is 4 button x 1, I say definitely no on that one. If it was 6x2, I don't think it would be bad at all, especially in midnight blue. If you're in the market for a tux tho-- again, the examples shown in Paul Stuart online catalogues are great references!! If budget is tighter, this one is a very good option, in my...
I want to dislike your shirt due to the skimpy collar and gap where collar meets-- but everything appears so well executed, I can't criticize a thing!
...seriously? To me, the only very small critique in have on this one is the shirt stripes are same scale as those of the suit. Tie looks fairly narrow and I'm unable to see any largeness of tie knot here?? [[SPOILER]]
Oh shit!!!! 😃😃😃😃 "Russ, I am in Naples today at Sartorio. I am happy to say that your navy suit will ship from the factory tomorrow."
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