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Thanks! Anyone have link to the try-on series of pix in this thread that shoes various sizes in state of buttoned up? I scrolled thru many pix bit couldn't find it
Any photos avail of someone wearing the tan cotton Solaro suit? Want to pull the trigger today but would love to see "as worn" first! Thank you!
Attempt to own Monday morning on six hrs of sleep... Blue Sartorio suit, phineas cole FC shirt Drakes two tone knit tie, extra crunchy Omega gmt Madison Corthay brown shoes with Parisian pointiness
Did anyone see solve the issue of kiton like buttons ? From what I can tell, they are called trocas mother of pearl These may be worth a try-- and if they're right I'll buy some from ya. Thinking of getting an eidos shirt and replacing se to buttons http://bennosbuttons.com/shirt-blouse-pant-buttons/tr-017-trocas-shell-button.html bennosbuttons.com/shirt-blouse-pant-buttons/tr-200-natural-trocas-shell-button.html
Oh man I like that suit!! I will gladly overlook the apparent shortness of the shirt collar due to the awesomeness of the suit shoulder. Has the make of this suit already been identified ?
Meh....casual Friday. Not thrilled with this one except for jacket nonshoulder boglioli navy blazer with smoke color buttons.
Thursday, nice weather/temps forecasted -- so attempts to be Awesome increase by 17% Cesare Attolini suit, tom ford shirt n tie
Navy solid tie on the way in a week or two; I'm actually hoping to do more simple style soon, myselfIn the meantime, boring Wednesday at the office medio blue jacket, lite gray trousers, brown botticelli loafers
Thanks! Sadly, the only portraits I have are Starbucks bathroom selfies...😣
Solid gray suit n Lobb shoes
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