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Keeping it simple- blazer and gray trousers
superb that is really great especially the shoulders -- what's the make on that one ??
Completely disagree-- if a suit's job is to make someone look taller, slimmer, and more confident that suit hits all points! Sander is probably a tall guy, so streamlined trousers probably don't matter as much-- but still, this looks like a complete win in my book
Interesting-- I especially like the photos with jacket worn open. I still can't help but wonder what a brand with NO shoulder at all would look like on your frame-- suitsupply may get close, but Luigi Bianchi Mantova or boglioli unstructured jackets are more what I'm thinking
How did PKL become a senior member of styleforum when being such a dick to people?
What's that??? A white jacket for a wedding?? what tie will u wear with the new dinner jacket, and black vest/ no waistcoat?
Thanks guys! I wondered since jackets like this one look much more white than mine-- btw, I suspect this is the same TF jacket bond is wearing in the new Spectre movie/ seen in new preview! I prefer the shawl collar tho
Wow -- all readers need to see these a second time!Please wear black monks with white or cream pants and a black linen jacket, as Ralph Lauren would want us all to do
What's the opinion on shirt choice with true ivory dinner jacket? Received amazing, gleaming white linen tuxedo shirt as a gift, is it the right one for the Paul Stuart ivory jacket ?
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