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Nope, both Barneys
I've not heard positive reviews of suitsupply shirts. While I really admire their suits (considering ordering a second one, maybe a Mercer), the shirt I had from them didn't seem good at all (cut, collar, construction) and didn't compare with Kamakura etc
Interested to see how custom denim turned out-- who made em? Finally found this tie, after searching for two months /they were sold out. Even got it on sale 😀
Damn! if this was my size, i'd pay under $700 in a minute. On sale at barneys warehouse, if anyone is interested thought i'd pass it on. I wanted this one BAD and hoped it would oneday be marked down in my size. sadly no
Light grey spring/summer suit
Keeping it simple- blazer and gray trousers
superb that is really great especially the shoulders -- what's the make on that one ??
Completely disagree-- if a suit's job is to make someone look taller, slimmer, and more confident that suit hits all points! Sander is probably a tall guy, so streamlined trousers probably don't matter as much-- but still, this looks like a complete win in my book
Interesting-- I especially like the photos with jacket worn open. I still can't help but wonder what a brand with NO shoulder at all would look like on your frame-- suitsupply may get close, but Luigi Bianchi Mantova or boglioli unstructured jackets are more what I'm thinking
How did PKL become a senior member of styleforum when being such a dick to people?
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