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😃 I was reminded of DC when I got these new shoes, from a place in Paris that ships everywhere on earth. They also do patina shoes, stained nicely for you, all inclusive for under $500 USD. These would be a great addition in a Berluti like brown coloring !The 199 lasthttp://www.septiemelargeur.fr/manufacturing-w450-en.htmlhttp://www.septiemelargeur.fr/gedeon---last-199-in-raw-boxcalf-for-patina-p6700-en.html
Just a ho hum Thursday Sartorio 3 roll two medio blu sportcoat Light blu shirt Drakes summer tie I saw in window of bergdorf with similar sportcoat Incotex light gray trousers Loafers
One of the Bond skyfall ties from TF store in NYC. I realized today it is likely a Long size, measuring 62 inches. It is narrow, measuring 3" wide and a black & blue woven -- I can assure u this tie won't work for 5'9 or shorter 😣😣
Duplicate post by mistake/ pix would not load
Another stellar weather morning, 60s but sunny Blue suit, striped tie, white shirt Black shoes n watchband
I really hope a size 15 1/2 neck size forumite buys a blue spread from you, these shirts look amazing and missed my chance at a 41
Excellent weather this morning in DC, 66 degrees!! Solid charcoal suit 3 roll two button Graph shirt Charvet Knit earthy green tie Botticelli loafers
Please see my last post/ links to SS tux detailed reviews. Please buy cufflinks and or stud set from Paul Stuart, great quality for the price Grosgrain bow tie get from Sam Hober, no man walks alone, or Paul Stuart http://www.paulstuart.com/product_info.cfm?ProdID=3583&ProdCatId=1079&MainCatId=19&HEADERMENUID=3&SUBPRODCATID=0
Definitely open to suggestions! Ideas? You definitely caught me on the stubble, I need a shave but it's fun to wear a suit or tux without shaving 😀😀
Maybe these will help-- but I think the SS tux looks quite good, and would be an excellent purchasehttp://fromsqualortoballer.com/post/89660532660/suitsupplytuxedohttp://fromsqualortoballer.com/post/81999019270/what-i-wore-this-weekend-billionaireAs for my new dinner jacket rig, first time out will likely be 28 Aug black tie dinner in DC or sep 6 event in NYC 😀
New Posts  All Forums: