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Shirt slightly different than my norm
haha, that definitely made me laugh this morning! but actually, they will probably have Phineas slim unpleated pants-masterworks on sale, too.
thanks! I can't afford to replace them these days so must continue wearing-- but I'll keep looking at brands that might better suit me in future purchases (maybe orazio). I guess even unlined / no pad shoulders can divot a bit on me
Roy Al-- possibly your top and bottom halves are a bit unbalanced-- Your slimmer trousers are always a great look, but perhaps a slimmer modern jacket to mirror the streamlined bottom half? I would recommend against slimming your more classic structured jacket, tho, it looks made to be a classic cut.As for me, new cotton trousers and first wear of newest Attolini tie, simple navy blazer
Nope, both Barneys
I've not heard positive reviews of suitsupply shirts. While I really admire their suits (considering ordering a second one, maybe a Mercer), the shirt I had from them didn't seem good at all (cut, collar, construction) and didn't compare with Kamakura etc
Interested to see how custom denim turned out-- who made em? Finally found this tie, after searching for two months /they were sold out. Even got it on sale 😀
Damn! if this was my size, i'd pay under $700 in a minute. On sale at barneys warehouse, if anyone is interested thought i'd pass it on. I wanted this one BAD and hoped it would oneday be marked down in my size. sadly no http://www.barneyswarehouse.com/todd-snyder-suede-racer-jacket-503761250.html
Light grey spring/summer suit
Keeping it simple- blazer and gray trousers
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