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ok, so two questions for the experts here! 1. Can someone remind me what this wool/ pattern is called? I can't recall what this is....sharkskin? pick and pick? absolutely love this suit, I know the article says super 130s Scabal but no other description 2. Does Jean Manuel Moreau in Paris do Orazio bespoke -- or just MTM? Do they/ could they arrange for Pino or Orazio to come to the store to do measurements, etc for...
Like everything but the shoes!
46 degrees F today for suit day! Time for Tuscan Leather cologne and suede
Just visited DC Paul Stuart store-- as always, amazing!! Formalwear was really great, and accessories well priced. I picked up a new pique front tuxedo shirt, and would have purchased tuxedo black trousers -- but they didn't offer grosgrain trim trousers as a separate. The hunt continues for trousers, something flat front and a bit slim but medium weight/ not flimsy light cloth. Sigh...those Phineas would have been perfect, and 500 was right at my spending breaking point
Picked up a new navy blazer this weekend
Last chance for white pants! With Andrea Campagnga 3 roll 2 jacket, super crunch RL knit tie, Isaia blu shirt, blu suede Tods loafers
Shirt slightly different than my norm
haha, that definitely made me laugh this morning! but actually, they will probably have Phineas slim unpleated pants-masterworks on sale, too.
thanks! I can't afford to replace them these days so must continue wearing-- but I'll keep looking at brands that might better suit me in future purchases (maybe orazio). I guess even unlined / no pad shoulders can divot a bit on me
Roy Al-- possibly your top and bottom halves are a bit unbalanced-- Your slimmer trousers are always a great look, but perhaps a slimmer modern jacket to mirror the streamlined bottom half? I would recommend against slimming your more classic structured jacket, tho, it looks made to be a classic cut.As for me, new cotton trousers and first wear of newest Attolini tie, simple navy blazer
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