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Same gray suit, diff day. Gray suede loafers, brown knit tie, white shirt
Parade and feast are over, time to caffeine up this morning and find 30-40% off at Bloomingdales, Saks, Barneys -- and maybe even something on sale @ Bergdorf! From 40% off selections....hmmmmm tempting
Happy thanksgiving everyone! Sartorio + bontoni+ al Bazar tie (don't hate, love this tie) Cashmere vest woulda been better with navy suit, but it's cold enough for it
Liking those bontoni loafers....wow! Extremely nice
Sartorio dik gray with slight purple windowpane, narrowed kiton purple tie, suede shoes from profile pic!
Needed new white shirt !
Borrelli sportcoat, light blue shirt, brown with subtle herringbone featherweight wool tie Slim straight khakis Brown Bontonis
One of the most fun things to create made to measure (or bespoke, if you can afford AND find a tailor that will do the style and cut you want) is a dinner suit. When i read your post, I was reminded of a favorite tuxedo I saw in the rake magazine -- inspiring and would love to create this one day:http://timothyeverest.co.uk/assets/files/TheRakePuttingOnTheRitz1.pdfthere's also an excellent close up of this one in Rake Issue 1 December 2008 page 135 of the article "formal...
Has a navy and gray, or chocolate brown n gray been done yet as a Friday challenge?
It's all about suit supply.
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