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Possibly the discussions have made their way round to the same old topics, spending on a tux and owning one at a reasonable cost. If the points haven't already been (re-)raised, I think once you own a tuxedo you begin to look more carefully for events to use it...Eventbrite and other sites are at least decent resources for the next black tie dinner or event. I should have been at a black tie dinner on October 3rd at the W hotel ballroom DC, with a really interesting...
thanks guys-- I couldn't see a difference when buttoning the inside anchor button vs. not, so this was helpful for me.
Great contemporary pix of DB!! Really enjoying these, with only a few exceptions Also, what is the current consensus on importance of buttoning the inner jacket button on a DB jacket? Is it really necessary / does this make a difference? Still one of my favorite DB wearers....
agree with previous post, this outfit would be excellent with different shoes.....I think it cries out for a pair of chukkas (such as suede john varvatos or other more version of a chukka boot)
Haha, well dandy for me. I don't break out the purple too often, forgot to wear the shoes with my purple laces this morningDandySF - send those shoes away to Alexander for some patina!!
Arne-- Whew, lots good n on here bro...peaked lapels alone can be kinda fashion forward, might wanna keep the rest more understated. Lapel stitching a matter of personal taste but rest of outfit need not reflect the red. Here are some peak lapel looks done well in my...
Attempted to give the Lobbs a soft gleam for suit Tuesday Chalkstripe grey suit Skyfall tie H
Suede, blue shirt n suit, C Attolini tie back from tiecrafters, & Swaine umbrella on a rainy but very pleasant Sunday !
Thanks! Bontoni from Bergdorf
I should have laced up the shoes a bit more snug.....but anyway....end of summer (I hope)!
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