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Arne-- Whew, lots good n on here bro...peaked lapels alone can be kinda fashion forward, might wanna keep the rest more understated. Lapel stitching a matter of personal taste but rest of outfit need not reflect the red. Here are some peak lapel looks done well in my...
Attempted to give the Lobbs a soft gleam for suit Tuesday Chalkstripe grey suit Skyfall tie H
Suede, blue shirt n suit, C Attolini tie back from tiecrafters, & Swaine umbrella on a rainy but very pleasant Sunday !
Thanks! Bontoni from Bergdorf
I should have laced up the shoes a bit more snug.....but anyway....end of summer (I hope)!
ok, so two questions for the experts here! 1. Can someone remind me what this wool/ pattern is called? I can't recall what this is....sharkskin? pick and pick? absolutely love this suit, I know the article says super 130s Scabal but no other description http://therake.com/rake-commends-song-of-myself/ 2. Does Jean Manuel Moreau in Paris do Orazio bespoke -- or just MTM? Do they/ could they arrange for Pino or Orazio to come to the store to do measurements, etc for...
Like everything but the shoes!
46 degrees F today for suit day! Time for Tuscan Leather cologne and suede
Just visited DC Paul Stuart store-- as always, amazing!! Formalwear was really great, and accessories well priced. I picked up a new pique front tuxedo shirt, and would have purchased tuxedo black trousers -- but they didn't offer grosgrain trim trousers as a separate. The hunt continues for trousers, something flat front and a bit slim but medium weight/ not flimsy light cloth. Sigh...those Phineas would have been perfect, and 500 was right at my spending breaking point
Picked up a new navy blazer this weekend
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