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Sugar butch the shoes are also quite excellent-- u def brought the high shoe game
grey suit, light blue shirt, brown shoe
Cannot beat a glen plaid suit with grenadine tie! Well done sir! Another suit day--solid blue suit, burgundy tie
Nice posts-- especially those suedes!!!!
Just wondering what others are currently lusting's my short list t/700[/IMG]
agreed! Seems like-- with only a few exceptions-- the posted shoes have been lacking lately. Can Styleforum step up the shoe game, please!!!
damn, those 1960s ITALY pix are cool! they all look like a perfect style to emulate. I like a lower patch pocket on most anything....
Oops! I failed to read that last post carefully
Drop, $70 shipped in USA
I'm sorry, gents-- the Suitsupply trousers were cut quite short in NYC, like 28" inseam so will not likely work for.....perhaps anyone. Kiton no longer up for sale, apologies on that one. 2. Borrelli three roll two sportcoat -- just noticed damage to sleeve. A re weave could remedy $145 again, please have a re weaving plan if u would like the borrelli Shoulder seam to seam 18" Chest approx 39" BOC 29" Sleeves 24.5"
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