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Ha! Didn't purchase the suit at Bergdorf-- although I'm sure the $8k suit was crafted of unicorn mane and silverback gorilla chin whiskers, I'll take Sartorio fit Barneys every time 😃
You lucky bastard. Kiton (with exception of possibly one suit at bergdorf for the price of a nice used car) never fits me right, even with very good alterations.
Just saying....the suitsupply navy velvet jacket looks amazing and priced well in my opinion!! I like the full velvet from them, too...http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/eveningwear-2014*polo MTM tux was a good deal, MTM for off the rack price. I was unable to resist
New Years! Cross post from black tie thread. Polo MTM blue tux, Sam Hober tie, RLPL ribbed silk cummerbund
Yep definitely excessive-- but fun! Esp if you have access to a decent city, plenty of opportunities to use them all (as for me-- Sartorio peak lapel blue tux, the RL polo shawl above, and shawl off white dinner jacket...talk about excessive! 😳)
Shawl collar dk blue tuxedo, black tie (Sam Hober) and cummerbund (RLPL ribbed silk)
What a great thread-- I know it's been around a while, but... What alterations tailors in the USA do a nice Milanese buttonhole? Might be fun to have added to next suit
Wow-- now THAT is a DB suit!! Really great
Forgot to post earlier in the week-- debut of newest suit (Isaia shirt and c. attolini tie)
Birthday lunch! Cesare attolini, suitsupply cashmere vest, Sam Hober wool tie, bontonis
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