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Black tie party last night
Unfortunately the main result was a hangover headache this morning!Black tie day of the dead party-- very few not in variant of black tie, nice to see
I was thinking the same thing! Koala those trousers seem like the right cut for you!! Slimming and talling trousers
Was just reading through this thread-- I really think it would be worth it to wait until you can travel to a place with a store like suitsupply. Not only is it far less fun to order stuff online, you really can't size up or down instantly, trying on a particular suit model in 2 or more sizes to see what looks best. I was in the suitsupply DC store yesterday, I think they had decent size 36 and I think size 34 sections. I think most MTM from them would run about $1100+,...
Meeting then out last night-- also found incredible burger during drinking debauchery Suit, open collar shirt, grey suede shoes
I think this is outstanding -- I would have guessed that you are at the explorers club , about to share a tale of your adventures
Evil time ban-- couple of those ties look really great ! I know that ugly ties are kind of your thing but that Paisley is the worst I've ever seen !!! Ugh!!
thank you! I definitely have grey trousers covered, hate to do another pair of cotton/ chino instead of wool, but maybe that's the only option for the tan/khaki family of pants for a blue blazer.
Need a pair of medium weight, slim not skinny trousers to wear with navy blazer for work. Was looking for camel/ British tan but couldn't find-- - any suggestions for $200 or less? - do these work with a navy blazer ?
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