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Evil time ban-- couple of those ties look really great ! I know that ugly ties are kind of your thing but that Paisley is the worst I've ever seen !!! Ugh!!
thank you! I definitely have grey trousers covered, hate to do another pair of cotton/ chino instead of wool, but maybe that's the only option for the tan/khaki family of pants for a blue blazer.
Need a pair of medium weight, slim not skinny trousers to wear with navy blazer for work. Was looking for camel/ British tan but couldn't find-- - any suggestions for $200 or less? - do these work with a navy blazer ?
Sugar butch the shoes are also quite excellent-- u def brought the high shoe game
grey suit, light blue shirt, brown shoe
Cannot beat a glen plaid suit with grenadine tie! Well done sir! Another suit day--solid blue suit, burgundy tie
Nice posts-- especially those suedes!!!!
Just wondering what others are currently lusting for...here's my short list t/700[/IMG]
agreed! Seems like-- with only a few exceptions-- the posted shoes have been lacking lately. Can Styleforum step up the shoe game, please!!!
damn, those 1960s ITALY pix are cool! they all look like a perfect style to emulate. I like a lower patch pocket on most anything....
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