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One of my favorites
I wear my belts from No Man Walks Alone like this all the time. Hell, i wear them under a suit sometimes too, because I can get the perfect cinch at the waist and still very comfortable. I prefer the color belts over leather woven for this tho, most woven leather belts I see I don't like...
Can someone remind me please-- what is a good "rule" on how much I can have jacket sleeves LENGTHENED on one with functional buttonholes? I'd like to buy this suit in a size short, but I suspect the sleeves are a bit too short. What's the max and still look good?
Bit sad that I'm wearing none of these today:
i dunno......i really wish you'd give suitsupply a shot, since you're getting suits in the mail already buddy! I am sorely tempted to buy their blue suit with touch of shoulder structure, in honor of new Bond-wear.
Paul stuart had a promo for complimentary monogramming, and complimentary shirt alterations at the DC store is a nice perk, too.
I know you're typically a brooks brothers guy, but DAMN you cannot beat ralph lauren purple label! that is fantastic.Anden, another really great look. Much as I love Attolini ties, the recent ones had to be sent off to tiecrafters for shortening.....I can't bring myself to do the extra long tail, but you pull it off well.
This is a great effect -- don't button your jackets anymore do same style pants, showcase a great Belt n shoes!
Actually I'm going to amend my previous post -- although made to measure suit supply seems best , they do have sizes on the website unlikely to be in the stores 32 regular 34 regular etc. I would not purchase a JCPenney suit or a $300 made to measure job....
Thanks! It is indeed a midnight blue tux, a MTM Sartorio-- grosgrain lapels and buttons, very nice braid on trouser leg. I really like the lapels, wish my DB suit from them had broad lapels like this one!
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