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Wow -- all readers need to see these a second time!Please wear black monks with white or cream pants and a black linen jacket, as Ralph Lauren would want us all to do
What's the opinion on shirt choice with true ivory dinner jacket? Received amazing, gleaming white linen tuxedo shirt as a gift, is it the right one for the Paul Stuart ivory jacket ?
Don't be afraid-- sockless in 100+ degree heat today, no big deal-- I think a lot of people go sockless w loafers (well, no see marcoliani socks to keep things sanitary but still)
Received the new suit, but stashing till November weather! MTM grey flannel
Gotta give this a quick press and put away....going to be a while before I can wear this one ! MTM grey flannel [IMG New suit from big barneys sale, all tailored up and ready
Just a hot day, after work Andrea Campagna 3 roll 2 jacket White shirt, knit tie, grey trousers Botticelli brown loafers
Yep, I would avoid a red satin tie-- much better to go with a tie that has a nice texture to it-- especially with a stripe or dot pattern, too. After that, perhaps a sharp cutaway collar shirt from Kamakura would be in order 😀www.thetiebar.com/product/35802us.suitsupply.com/en_US/ties/navy-tie/D151054.html?cgid=Ties
Saw your Instagram also-- sir, u have a great eye for ties to complement your jackets/ shirts. Following for more inspiration on my own combos, but u are def next level
I mean....I think the value is $79 for a really nice shirt. With the different cuts and sleeve lengths available, guess the MTM doesn't get the attention
After a couple visits to the mad ave store, I've been recommending Kamakura to people for a while now. Finally purchased three shirts for myself, they are fast becoming my favorite shirts for the office. I even like the collars, and I'm convinced this is THE white button down collar shirt for every wardrobe. I like the Tokyo slims
New Posts  All Forums: