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I completely agree-- if only I could get true bespoke to account for my forward pitched arms which often bunch and wrinkle my sleeves, yet give me the same shoulder as my current rtw and mtm suits! The Cesare Attolini was obscenely expensive, purchased while making more $$ working overseas-- I've heard Attolini referred to as the "Ferrarai of Italian suits," and perhaps first for good reason
Definitely angled downwards / intended slant a la Alan Flusser guideline
Thanks for the compliments guys-- it is a more generous fit than my sartorios (which I prefer), and unfortunately my only Cesare Attolini suit, from the Madison Ave store (rtw not bespoke)
Cesare Attolini suit TF SHIRT TF tie Tods black loafers
Thanks! Should have taken pix after dinner at restaurant (with someone else's phone)Closest shot I could get-- suit is blue solid, slightly lighter than navy
Great dinner tonight, although presence of A-Rod two tables over prevented much attention to my suit and bold striped shirt 😀
Girl of my dreams and Andrea Campagna suit
Thank you! I'll try it-- meanwhile added pix to post from girlfriend's cam, much better than mine and can sorta see the pinstripes
Well I mean....this is what I imagine Ralph would WANT us to wear to his lil restaurant, right? Iphone5 still can't take a decent indoor picture.....wtf Navy pinstripe suit Lightweight silk grey+navy Cesare Attolini tie White spread collar shirt
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