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Has a navy and gray, or chocolate brown n gray been done yet as a Friday challenge?
It's all about suit supply.
Ok these and the books are last of the sale! Let's deal Kiton blue/brown stripe and solid lite blue are both new with tags for 66 Others are new without tags for 45
Keeping it simple today-- navy unconstructed blazer, light blue shirt, solid milk chocolate brown knit tie, suede plain captoes, phineas cole gray trousers
Who is this and details please? This is expert level, really well done !!!
Books of style-- $18 each, shipped Back issues of the rake-- $12 each, shipped
Sure! Both are size 40, LBM is extremely nice
Price drop-- $300 shipped, suede jacket. Also, Boglioli DB + LBM spring summer jackets still avail, can do both for a $200 deal
All items purchased finally shipped! Apologies for delay but sent them all UPS ground
New Posts  All Forums: