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Seemed like a milk chocolate tie kinda Tuesday
like that grenadine! good choice new Drake's tie for my birthday (from me to me)
Thank you, sir, for bringing the shoe game. Great!Mr Venneri, I....don't know what to make of your outfit....unless you are a villain in Gotham.
like it! the white carnation, or something in red for contrast (reddish stone small one, etc.) seem like great options to me.
yep, agree-- the tailored clothing is prob not for me, but would really like to find the turnback / cocktail cuff shirts, etc.
I def didn't notice the mismatched belt shoes the clothes are great in this one! Has anyone seen USA businesses offering the Spectre shirts, ties, etc? Harrods and definitely Selfridges have an amazing selection for the Brits, but I can't find any of the stuff here in USA to place an order online-- Mr Porter is worthless on this one, they only have the white dinner jacket. Bergdorf informed me they have almost nothing Look what this dude got....jeez wish I...
speaking of, what a coat! ! Still quite pricey but they are offering 25% the marked price apparently - size 42/ 52European
wow, that is really excellent! Is there no buttonhole in the lapel? If no, could be fun to do a great pin in the lapel?Friend of mine has the Fern, he absolutely loves it, and compliments abound whenever he wears...
It's an Italian fit/ NYC special, def not the American Trad to which many here are partial. I'm in decent shape but not "jacked" by any means
Saca....what is goin on with the collar of the jacket? At first I thought it was an overcoat-- is this an extremely heavy cloth or?? Like everything else a lot!
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