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Sander, that is simply an outstanding pinstripe suit! Sartorio Napoli + John Lobb chisel shaped toe
35% linen, 65% cotton although looks and feels like a lot of linen in there!
Just a new shirt uve been jonesing for since i saw it on tumblr months ago
Sorry crazy week-- 18.5" shoulder to shoulder 43" chest 29.5" length boc Sleeves 25" Quarter lined The like new Isaia sportcoat is also officially up for sale, no more hesitation/ second thoughts 😳
seems even better than ebay to me, size 44 G. Abo Napoli suit ! http://www.yoox.com/us/49143733UF/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=49143733UF&sizeId=6
$125 shipped in USA
I always find it interesting to read info and stories on this tailor made what for actors in the old movies-- I wouldn't likely do a vintage looking suit, but William Powell and Bertie Wooster (the tv series) clothing would be fun to read more aboutThanks Lasbar! Wish more people would visit Al Bazar and post photos. I seriously need to get back there this year and possibly short Florence trip as well
Wish there was more info avail on the Thin Man suits Powell wore-- always my favorite if all time. -another plug for the al Bazar DB 😀. Haven't seen / tried another on that beats it
Wow nice stuff posted recently!! Apparently work sending me back overseas very soon-- pay boost might mandate some obscene new purchases in near future! 😳 In the meantime, recent purchases: something towards a great cup o Hair Bender coffee and boglioli for a steal from yoox
Gaaah....didn't realize Mantova made different models of jackets. This one is a classic tweed herringbone, very Tradley. 40 reg, double vented lower patch pockets
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