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Casual Friday at the office today-- RL linen button down collar and comfy Tods shoes
Those are really great shots of the collection-- what are the details, retail $, and where to find info on that amazing eidos tuxedo?
Iif anyone is headed to Milan in the near future, I'd love to repay you to acquire this tie for me, from Al Bazar Old thread resurrected
Gah!!!! All the great sales have been torching my bank account lately...but also ordered next Serraicco necktie :
All looks good -- but the bontonis are especially awesome today New HSM MTM suit New Canali shirt Vanda Bontoni Terrible angle and lighting. Sorry gents[/quote]
A...somewhat lighter blue solid suit than yesterday
It's Blue Suit Wednesday Finally wearing blue-silver-green paisleys tie ~ phineas cole TF gray glasses, sartorio suit, brown bontoni shoes
Your best off all time, in my opinion-- wish the shoe throat laced up tight with little to no gapping, but that's nitpicking. Suit looks outstanding
Today, high of at 97....no need for a suit at the office today, at least! Sartoria Partenopea khaki cotton jacket, all patch pockets and zero structure or lining -- probably my favorite shoulders of everything I own Button down collar shirt from Chevy chase sales this weekend PT01 blue cotton slim trousers Botticelli brown tassel shoes Ever present no man walks alone elasticized belt
New Posts  All Forums: