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crap...I was hoping they would have a somewhat slim fit. will have to get shirt tailored a bit.have you seen/ tried the tailored fit model of keatons from RLPL?http://www.ebay.com/itm/450NWT-Purple-Label-16-eu41-Ralph-Lauren-Blue-gingham-check-Keaton-dress-shirt-/161182951792?pt=US_Men_s_Dress_Shirts&hash=item258740a970
you, sir, are badass. what's the make of your jacket? all looks great, especially that wristwatch!
jeez, anticipation builds...can't wait to see what you're getting, Devil!it's all about the spread collar shirt in 2014! snagged a new shirt Xmas day
that shirt is really great! epic collar on that one
wow-- nice chalkstripe suit!! last moments in civilization/ the city: isaia white shirt TF sunglasses BC blue overcoat TF Tuscan Leather cologne Today, it's back to shitty cargo pants and shmedium polo shirts for work over the next month or two.....argh.
wow, great stuff! especially the shoes and wristwatch. are the trousers blue, or black like the necktie? I don't see borrelli sportcoats often enough on the forumLiking all those solid ties you've posted recently! Really takes suits to the next level!
flying back to work location overseas tomorrow...😞 Argh, no nice stuff for a while!
Curious-- why combine the green sweater vest, dark shirt, and lighter than shirt tie?
RedDevil, looking fwd to seeing your newest purchases Having just purchased the winning ticket for mega millions jackpot, pix forthcoming of new bespoke suits from Cesare Attolini in the coming weeks.
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