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Sartonapoli, have you posted any photos yet of DB suits you like (from people on the street, customers of your favorite tailors, etc)? I'd like to see what meets your standards Also, what do you think of Matteo Marzotto's suits? Who is his tailor? Another random image of a DB suit, really like the cut and fit of this one
Cleav, suede and gray looks great! I did something similar today: Sartorio gray super light flannel chalk stripe, kiton sale tie with brown/blue/orange stripes, suede belt n shoes
A great night! Please note, the brown shoe has enjoyed fame and fortune long enough...it's time for the black shoe to return to greatness
Steffen, looking good! Shirt collar looking a bit flaccid tho...could be time to upgrade to a sharp cutaway?
Thanks! This is the one if the looks I'm going for with these (I think Matteo's are brown), in addition to wearing with blue blazer gray trousers; wish I could find this exact tie that he's wearing btw!!
Seemed like a good one to add
Shitty last few days, purchased loafers to help console me 😄
Don--Nice DB suit! I like the checking-watch shot much better than stiff robot!https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=USi7DS9vUKk
$75 shipped in USA best I can do on this one-- need to ship this weekend if possible. Overseas work coming up fast 😕
I can do $300 shipped....really want this out this weekend!
New Posts  All Forums: