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A great night! Please note, the brown shoe has enjoyed fame and fortune long enough...it's time for the black shoe to return to greatness
Steffen, looking good! Shirt collar looking a bit flaccid tho...could be time to upgrade to a sharp cutaway?
Thanks! This is the one if the looks I'm going for with these (I think Matteo's are brown), in addition to wearing with blue blazer gray trousers; wish I could find this exact tie that he's wearing btw!!
Seemed like a good one to add
Shitty last few days, purchased loafers to help console me 😄
Don--Nice DB suit! I like the checking-watch shot much better than stiff robot!https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=USi7DS9vUKk
$75 shipped in USA best I can do on this one-- need to ship this weekend if possible. Overseas work coming up fast 😕
I can do $300 shipped....really want this out this weekend!
$ 100 shipped in USA. Again never worn, new with price tag removed
Suited -- really nice stuff, esp that tie on far left! Update: guys, if you drink coffee and don't own a chemex, you are missing out! By far best cup ever; inexpensive system and so simple. If u get one be sure it includes box of 100 chemex filters. No wonder Bond approved 😃
New Posts  All Forums: