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LBM gone
Size 38reg Suede nwt Boss fall jacket -$425 $375 shipped in USA Girlfriend at the time made me buy it....great jacket never worn, new with $895 price tag Fits like a 38. Chest 42-43". Length BOC 28" Sleeves 25"
Catching up after a long absence-- 1. RTC and Noodles, you have taken your game to an all new level. Congrats on really doing it right! Noodles, your shirt and ties of late deserve special mention. 2. Wow-- amazing collar on this shirt, looks perfect! I missed the make, if already identified? Stellar shirt.
Thanks for your reply-- I guess I'm looking for someone to explain the tailoring to fix collar gapping at the back/ side of the neck on a suit jacket. How is this surgery performed, and how does a good tailor perform this work to ensure the cloth is smooth/ no wrinkling or bunching on the inside of the collar neck?
Cashmere-silk medio blue jacket
What a great London post-- nice!! Another day, another solid gray suit (*slightly-darker-gray). And also a mojito, because this is pretty much the end of Summer
Has there been discussion/ illustrations on tailoring to remove collar gapping-- but not creating bunched / wrinkled cloth against the neck? I suspect this involves removing a notch of cloth on front side of collar band as well as the back but...at any rate, how do I correct this mess on a suit jacket I picked up recently and had tailored? It looks like hell
Nothin fancy today, mid gray solid suit and no pocket square !
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