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Thanks all for the kind words on yesterday's stuff! Shoe artist, that is some serious leather porn....wow Today, basic clothes for a nice spring day (I hope) Unconstructed blue Mantova pique cotton blend blazer with mother of pearl buttons, from significant bloomies markdowns sale last year Light blu shirt No man wLks alone belt Khaki incotex chinos
Ok, ok!! I retract my statement on satin silk ties-- Maybe I was just mad that I have too many and patterns/ colors have limited use for me....but I retract the sentiment that they are dead to me. *I still think a worsted wool solid tie, or a tie with high wool / cashmere content, looks great with a suit, charcoal or otherwise-- and I'm gonna wear the linen blend herringbone gray tie from last night with a navy pinstripe suit for work, too!*
Amazing purchases dan!! How do u plan to wear the kiton cipa shirt? Those have fantastic collars, I'm a big fan
Italian meal tonite in the city Sartorio lightweight medio blue sportcoat from yoox Light grey incotex trousers Light blu shirt Linen blend herringbone textured serraicco tie Brown burnished Bontoni shoes Omega gmt seamaster watch
Ah...well again, I've learned to put far less emphasis on handwork, just posted that in another thread about sartorio, T4. If u have more accurate info to post in that thread about sartorio, hope you'll do so.My hope in creating this thread was that others would read, take with a grain of salt, definitely my own preferences-- and also contribute from their own (sometimes costly)!misfires. Hopefully, this might save others some money and at least lessen number of things...
I guess I can't disagree, but I know this-- a Sale boglioli suit at Riflessi on 57th was of decent fabric & make, but completely unconstructed jacket, no shoulder at all / true shirt shoulder with no "bump" and amazing fit trumps pretty much everything I saw or tried on in Saks this year. Same with sartorio brand suits, I've learned here that amazing handwork and buttonholes ultimately don't mean that much in the real world.
Point well taken, but obtained this info for another forum member, from the buyer who handles Kiton & sartorio who just returned from another trip to Naples
Interest in purchasing this Raymond Weil watch? It is in superb/ excellent condition and I will purchase a brand new strap this week for it if there is interest in purchasing. Includes original box and all paperwork Great watch, but I really don't need three watches! http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0091THBBW/ref=mp_s_a_1_39?qid=1398047788&sr=8-39&pi=AC_SX110_SY165_QL70 900 shipped in USA, probably better off getting a reg buckle strap/ would look and feel better
Def agree with the silk knits and grenadines, I should have included that in my original post-- but other than that, I've put more $$ into smooth silk ties that don't go with nearly as much-- nor do they look as good-- as the textured cloth ties as shown/ inspired by the links above!
Yep-- nothing here is really hard and fast rules or facts, just personal lessons learned. Hope others will add more/ add their own personal lessons learned via the forum. As for the bespoke vs rtw, I was really never in the same place long enough-- nor did I ever see a tailor that had all the points I was looking for. In the end, sartorio for Barneys has provided best fit and shoulder, etc for me in suits so I've been downsizing other stuff in favor of more of those!
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