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Dinner last night, debut of new tie from NM sales- tan wool gaberdine solid
You need to watch thingstododc.com and to a lesser extent, ironically, https://www.blacktie-dc.com/calendar/index.cfmSummer seems to have few black tie events, but fall winter spring it's fun to own a tuxedo!**not black tie per se but....wow might have to check this out July 17**https://www.blacktie-dc.com/calendar/event-detail.cfm?id=3947
Your fine footwear continues to amaze and inspire-- extremely nice as always. Have you considered a pair of...these? 😀http://parkenmadison.com/collections/frontpage/products/amalfi-blue
Casual Friday at the office today-- RL linen button down collar and comfy Tods shoes
Those are really great shots of the collection-- what are the details, retail $, and where to find info on that amazing eidos tuxedo?
Iif anyone is headed to Milan in the near future, I'd love to repay you to acquire this tie for me, from Al Bazar Old thread resurrected
Gah!!!! All the great sales have been torching my bank account lately...but also ordered next Serraicco necktie :
All looks good -- but the bontonis are especially awesome today New HSM MTM suit New Canali shirt Vanda Bontoni Terrible angle and lighting. Sorry gents[/quote]
A...somewhat lighter blue solid suit than yesterday
It's Blue Suit Wednesday Finally wearing blue-silver-green paisleys tie ~ phineas cole TF gray glasses, sartorio suit, brown bontoni shoes
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