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Sold and closed!
JL Chapel in any color or leather = awesome every time always
Lots of blue today A Campagna jacket Mid blue incotex trouser Clean white shirt Serraicco beige tie Bott shoes
😃 I was reminded of DC when I got these new shoes, from a place in Paris that ships everywhere on earth. They also do patina shoes, stained nicely for you, all inclusive for under $500 USD. These would be a great addition in a Berluti like brown coloring !The 199 lasthttp://www.septiemelargeur.fr/manufacturing-w450-en.htmlhttp://www.septiemelargeur.fr/gedeon---last-199-in-raw-boxcalf-for-patina-p6700-en.html
Just a ho hum Thursday Sartorio 3 roll two medio blu sportcoat Light blu shirt Drakes summer tie I saw in window of bergdorf with similar sportcoat Incotex light gray trousers Loafers
One of the Bond skyfall ties from TF store in NYC. I realized today it is likely a Long size, measuring 62 inches. It is narrow, measuring 3" wide and a black & blue woven -- I can assure u this tie won't work for 5'9 or shorter 😣😣
Duplicate post by mistake/ pix would not load
Another stellar weather morning, 60s but sunny Blue suit, striped tie, white shirt Black shoes n watchband
I really hope a size 15 1/2 neck size forumite buys a blue spread from you, these shirts look amazing and missed my chance at a 41
Excellent weather this morning in DC, 66 degrees!! Solid charcoal suit 3 roll two button Graph shirt Charvet Knit earthy green tie Botticelli loafers
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