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A great illustration of the perfection created by a blue jacket, gray trouser of most any shade, and chocolate necktie-- one of my personal favorite combos.
Thank you! Shirt is Cipa; have not heard good things about suitsupply shirts after first washing -- but my next shirt for wear with this suit will def be Eidos, to achieve same collar/ look for under 300 bucks
Or you could make this awesome purchase for your gray suit-- just please don't end up buying something dumb / don't fail us and end up with a shitty shoe from your local mall http://www.oliversweeney.com/shoes-and-boots/formal-shoes/info/felino-dark-brown-wholecut-oxford/felitadbr.html?mobile=123
I really think you should do brown, might do well to simply purchase a pair o these, which could really elevate the style of your gray suit and make the entire combo look really...
Oh man, you missed out on some amazing santonis during the Saks NYC sale!! They had some fantastic light grey patina-ed laceups and a nice variety of browns. Still worth contacting them to ask about Memorial Day possible markdowns tho!!
If anyone has access to Yanko shoes, looking for model member/name/style of the neutral shoe above. I've reached out to Arsen but not sure where he is located or if still active on the forum. What a great shoe project!
Can anyone identify the make of these shoes, or provide info on how to obtain them? Good friend looking for exactly this coloring/ style/ workmanship. Actually very tempted to get a pair for myself, too http://aflorentinemind.tumblr.com/post/84537086726 Thank you!
That could have something to do with the amazing cut and style of phineas cole clothing, too! I'm always in awe of this brand when I see it at the Madison ave store.In other personal lessons learned...Adding Eidos Napoli clothing (especially shirts, for their collars and cut) to my short list of Greats, after taking a good look @ Bloomingdales last week. I think I like their shirts second only to Cipa, for the perfect higher collar and spread- next Bloomingdales gift card...
Wow!! Great looking purchases-- castangia shirt looks amazing (replacing button seems like a small repair/ small price to pay for a great looking collar and other details) Navy whole cuts...damn! Those look extremely fine. Between these and razl suitors posted recently, past few days have been some epic shoe porn Barneys trousers - can't go wrong with those, for what looks like excellent prices. Well done sir! Should u see some size 38 sartorio pieces at your...
Another item sold in record time!
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