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Brand new in box-- selling at cost and covering your shipping in USA, if not sold in few days will send back to Pediwear in Europe but would rather not wait that long to get pair in correct size Brand new, Pediwear shipped, never worn (tried on, too big) Crockett and Jones suede tassel loafers Polo suede I really think these are size 10.5D American, but if u know better from experience (not accepting returns) Just opened the box today. 518 dollars shipped to you--...
That shirt collar makes me happy.
Guys, can I get some opinions on this one? Considering a new watch, have found I much prefer steel bracelet over the leather band (I guess I'm too swarthy for strap) IWC IW323902 - comments on make, movement, style? This is the model I'm considering:
that shoe and patina are amazing. keep on doin what u do, bro-- I need to live thru styles posted like this, for another 30 days till I return home from work assignment
Wow, great lookin paraboot shoes! Glad this thread came back to life, didn't see anyone's new purchases for a while. Will be a while before I can break it out, but new DB gray flannel suit arrived to store; modeled by my favorite sales representative-- and birthday gifts for my best friend: Could not resist two new ties for spring summer, from these illustrations done for...
definitely needs reposting-- this looks really great, Justin! across the board excellence.
stellar; my vote for this week's Best Of. Where do you get your knitwear, btw? I'd like to pick up another button cardi-vest or two, and yours always look great.
that looks great, and to my eye an outstanding fit/ cut!
Nice! Have always admired maxverre shoes, makers of tom ford footwear sans Ford's name --which magically adds hundreds of dollars
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