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conservative yet stylish-- looks great! sounds like you only own navy blue solid suits, right? sometimes I think you work for IBM!
consistent excellence. Sigh...if only the sleeves of my suits hung so straight and smooth.
can someone please advise on Borrelli Royal Collection suits? So hard for me to tell what the shoulder of an item really looks like on a mannequin, if not at least displayed from the side. What is the shoulder like on Borrelli Royal Collection suits? Do the suit jackets have a nice high armhole? roll of lapel? I only have one other borrelli item for comparison, but it is the borrelli luxury vintage, with no shoulder / unconstructed spalla camicia shoulder,...
damn! what a great example of how a suit should be worn, great stuff! and with suede shoes, no less-- very sharp, sir!
WOW!! great haul, man-- boglioli is one of my favorite brands of all time.
just a couple pickups recently; trying to cut back on new purchases, but figure I'll be consigning a heap of Zegna stuff in April, anyways.... mid gray suit-- it's one of these two cloths, not actually sure which one the sales assoc ended up choosing for me in my hope for a "solid mid gray suit" large pattern tie solid black knit RLPL, lots of crunchy goodness like the gray one, I hope! shirt and sportcoat finally arrived to address in the USA, from sartorial...
hey man, I like that tie with the suit-- if not already mentioned, could be that the similarity in scale between the dots and the stripes on your shirt is too close.I always liked this line by flusser, seemed good advice:•When mixing patterns of the same design, the size of each pattern has to be as different as possible. E.g. broad lines mixes with narrow thin lineshttp://philippeperzi.com/shirt-and-tie-combinations-patterns/
I......dunno....shirt and tie match so closely, kinda hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. Would it be possible to slim and shorten the trousers a bit, to give the appearance of longer legs? I use this method a lot, myself.
pricey for preowned, to be sure-- but sure is fun to look at! Anderson & Sheppard, 42L http://www.ebay.com/itm/Timeless-Bespoke-ANDERSON-SHEPPARD-Gray-Flannel-Suit-42-Long-/380811968378?pt=US_CSA_MC_Suits&hash=item58aa297f7a
damn! everything here is amazing-- nice stuff, man! I see a lot of use coming from that lbm jacket
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