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hard to be certain from the picture, but it looks like the jacket is a great fit -- if you like the red coral pin, keep wearing it. it is completely a personal choice, and I don't think it is related to this "rule" or that. I like it, myself, and think it looks great with your jacket.
Justin, hope you have an amazing, Bond-chasing-Goldfinger-kinda-sportcoat to wear with those amazing boots-- they look awesome. I'm sure you already have plenty in the wardrobe! Cross post from black tie thread; Sartorio tuxedo arrived to Barneys, going to try on and alter everything on Aug 9th visit!
Presentation on a Friday....no casual at the office today Solid charcoal suit, light blue shirt, fairly boring green, gold, blue pattern tie d
Don C, I like the jacket and color really suits ya-- well played sir! Almost wore pinstripes today for same reasons upr crust mentioned, but will save that for Monday. Solid blue suit, Isaia FC shirt, bontoni dik brown shoes SOLID BURGANDY TIE by serraicco 😊 Spectre, can't beat a blue face watch with suit or otherwise!
From recent huge markdowns neiman marcus sale-- just picked up from slimming and sleeve alteration
Thank you! I think it was about 4 weeks; big fan of this brand and they do a really nice job with special orders! Should be tailored-up and ready 9 Aug 😃
Tux is Sartorio ordered thru Barneys Mad ave, so there should be virtually no shoulder on this one 😃😃
2014 is the Year of Blue Peak Tux arrived!
I'll try to wear this one in moderation, so no one is injured by the severity of the paisleys-- yet this one does prompt at least two compliments a day from men and women alike. Non forumites really seem to like this tie for some reason!@Sander-- very few ties in my closet of a neat/ conservative pattern. Closest I have is a NMWA rust with gray dots or the TF ties, but I AM fond if solid color ties.
Haha-- can't wear a solid tie EVERY day, ya know! 😀. Phineas cole shirt in recent post, sounds like the brashness of this label not to your liking
New Posts  All Forums: