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Well, I just can't help but like this-- it's a bold move don but just seems great to me. Makes me want to meet up for a drink in a warm weather bar wearing my white dinner jacket, to discuss important business like women or weapons deals 😊
Wow-- now THAT is a button-down collar roll! Epic. Like the coral necktie, I might have to look into a similar color for summer
Wearing the jacket I sorely underestimated Blue shirt (no collar stays!!), gray phineas trousers with side tabs-- sadly had to wear no man walks alone belt on em too, stayed in perfect place and no adjustments necc throughout the workday
Gonna be hot today....😡😡🐷 Work then coffee date tonight Boglioli navy blazer unconstructed unlined Paul Stuart spread collar shirt (yeah I know FC kinda weird with this bit really like this shirt!!) Incotex slim khakis seeing much wear this week No man walks blue belt Paul smith striped socks Honey brown to boot loafers for Saks shined up with new Berluti polish 😄
Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck yeah!!!!!! Purchased shoes on ebay new for well under 200 bucks -- paid 248 bucks to Italian magicians including all shipping related charges they incurred. http://dandyshoecare.tumblr.com/post/87724159835/colorful-gray-a-new-patina-by-alexander
first day back in DC! Luigi bianchi mantova cotton blazer deconstructivo sartorio ambrisiana shirt Incotex slim khakis No man walks alone blue belt TF gray prescription glasses (sunglasses in pocket are just aviators from the car) Hidden tiny Marcoliani sockless-socks *no hating on de shoes please, the painting artwork already fading away quickly! 😞
Navy blue blazer, SOLD The Red Velvet is peaked lapel super soft velvet, no stiffness at all 40reg -- peaked lapel, shoulders are quite soft, double vents Approx 43" chest 29.5" boc Sleeves approx 25" (shortened at Saks) $ 325 shipped to USA
an easy swap between this and black (or blue) formal trousers...regrettably a gentleman would have to adopt new ways to communicate this level of style upon purchase. "Wow, that is a nice combo. What do you do for a living, sir?" I SOCK IT TO YOU!!!! "What??" YES. I sock...IT...to...YOU. You're welcome.
Photos do no justice-- less than 400 bucks if u buy before sale ends 1 June. Leather is butter soft across instep, toe shape is perfect-- not too pointy. Blucher style means a likely better/ more comfortable fit for work, over closed throat style For the love of God, please buy these instead of black shoes from your local mall..... Botticelli NYC Sadly soles won't keep the painting for long, but cool
A bit warm in the city but still needed to SUIT UP! blue sartorio suit FC shirt Paul Stuart phineas cole Barneys tie Lobb shoes freshly polished at leather spa after the rain storms
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