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Thank you! Definitely a brief phase, not sure that I would get a second one-- kind of a pain!
Thrown together Mid-Gray Paul Stuart manhattan trousers Boglioli navy blazer Maroon tie Lobb shoes David Yurman cufflinks
Rainy & stormy last night!! Suit -- it's not for everyone; TF skyfall gray close set pinstripes, attolini gray tie, tab collar shirt Brown Lobb shoes TF azure lime cologne & omega seamaster gmt wristwatch
There were one or two styles on sale rack (inc a very nice brown suede) but these didn't appear to be marked down for Memorial Day sales Gray is still my favorite
Preliminary, pre-tailored sartorio special order suit arrived ! sleeve buttonholes stitched at factory Blue suit like Rudals?!?
Will be at Saks for a few hours Saturday if you'd like me to sneak a pic of santoni selection
Now THAT is a muthaf*ckin HAT! That looks great! I like the shape, brim, height of the crown, everything. What an excellent piece, man!!!
I think this thread is getting confusing and people are off topic. Women wearing a feminine, clearly made for women business suit isn't what this is about to me-- it's menswear-inspired style that challenges conceptions of "this is for men, that's for ladies". This topic and pix are faaaaar more relevant than hirsch's lady purchases in which no one has any interest on this forum.
Another great example--- really like the fit and cut, especially on the sides!
Partenopea jacket, great choice man!! I always admire their make, cut, shoulder
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