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Thank you for the compliment!
Thought this TF was really cool, new for upcoming season I think
This seems cool too....but a very English cut I'm guessing
Size 34 Fiji PT01 khaki pants. Don't think I can return/ waited too long to do a return 34" waist 7" ankle Button fly, flat front, Fiji lining. Amazing pants / new and not altered 115 shipped in USA
Unexpected!! I would have guessed 5'6. I think trousers and jacket fit/ length might be reconsidered in your next purchase, to elongate and slim as your fine clothes should. Reminds me of when I wore more expensive clothes that made me look even wider and shorter than I am (which is only 5'9)
Pretty sure this is al Bazar. Just sayin....
Curious. I have to wonder, what's your height/ weight? I susoect these clothes don't do your frame justice, Koala.
Always difficult to show color of this jacket - sartorio blue jacket 3 roll 2 - silvery grey Paul Stuart trousers - black Tods tassel loafers - RLPL crunchy grey knit tie - light blue cipa shirt
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