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Your best off all time, in my opinion-- wish the shoe throat laced up tight with little to no gapping, but that's nitpicking. Suit looks outstanding
Today, high of at 97....no need for a suit at the office today, at least! Sartoria Partenopea khaki cotton jacket, all patch pockets and zero structure or lining -- probably my favorite shoulders of everything I own Button down collar shirt from Chevy chase sales this weekend PT01 blue cotton slim trousers Botticelli brown tassel shoes Ever present no man walks alone elasticized belt
Thanks man-- I don't wear those shoes nearly enough, whiskey color Bontoni laceups!
Al Bazar Milan jacket and navy cotton slim dress trouser
Ok guys-- I'll try that starting...tomorrow. But in the meantime, wearing as Ralph Lauren prob wants it, out dere for the worldA few drinks, listening to dean and frank; decided to pinstripe up for tonite. Signore Bontoni, Isaia, and Sartorio present for duty.
Where it....isn't seen??
Presentation at the office today-- Skyfall tie with medium gray solid suit
Yesterday, Monday working outside the city-- blue blazer, solid maroon serraicco tie, grey trouser & white shirt
Fixed, I guess-- stupid iPhone, takes the worst indoor pix ever...
Yep, fair point sir-- will hopefully have actual fit pix tonight when I see the girlfriend , she's willing to snap a couple now and then
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