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Mco-Been meaning to ask u-- how would u describe the amount of structure in the shoulders of your suits/ jackets?Does you tailor take a lot out of the waist /sides of jackets? Appears you have a narrow waist.Shiny striped silk tie not my favorite from ya, but certainly a conservative one
Fair enough! 1 button DB suits are kind of a pet peeve of mine-- good luck with your sartorial adventures when the time is right for u.
I stand by prev comments, man. That suit looks to be a heavy 4x1 double breasted suit, and not even a buttonhole in either lapel, unless I missed it. not good in a suit.If you really like DB, get an updated version which has 6 button front, buttons two-- that will always be both classic and more flattering. Take a look at the thread on DB suits for more great examples, like Cleave's killer striped suit and others-- but in any case, hope you'll consider either a new suit...
I think this means I'm next-- that's my box!! 😃😃. Dandyshoecare, work your magic!
Doesn't seem too busy to me-- I'm liking it, esp the sportcoat. We're well out of fall-winter where I am, so was cool to see this one today! Conservative English gent look done well, hope u have a nice umbrella to go with that!
Daniel Craig is 46. There is still hope for all of us! Keep wearing suits and working out! 😄😄
Oh, no! For the first time ever, I hate your clothes! Jacket fit/ cut not up to your usual perfection, the yellow shirt....yeesh!
Don, really like everything but the shoes-- I mean...that color leather, in that condition, and those laces? They seem like a solid choice for khakis or jeans, but not the superb suit/ good lookin FC shirt, and choice tie! Bro, how about some new footwear!?!? You really seem like a wholecut shoe kinda guy or a fellow who might buy some patina shoes and work the color and magic into them yourself by hand
Not sure if pix will show much difference but the feel and look in real life was pretty significant to me. Here's the charcoal suit I replaced -- in pic with tie, had to hold my arms up unnaturally high to get a decent photo. In other pics, you may notice the sleeves are a bit wide on me, bulge at armpits, etc that I couldn't seem to fix -- Spalla seemed great from the start, and only small alteration was at neck. This was a good lesson for me that fit is indeed king,...
Yes!! New spring weight serraicco ties arrived today
New Posts  All Forums: