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What a great London post-- nice!! Another day, another solid gray suit (*slightly-darker-gray). And also a mojito, because this is pretty much the end of Summer
Has there been discussion/ illustrations on tailoring to remove collar gapping-- but not creating bunched / wrinkled cloth against the neck? I suspect this involves removing a notch of cloth on front side of collar band as well as the back but...at any rate, how do I correct this mess on a suit jacket I picked up recently and had tailored? It looks like hell
Nothin fancy today, mid gray solid suit and no pocket square !
Ugh this sucks!! I can't make it back to NYC this weekend and hate to see tickets wasted. If I can send PDF tickets to someone to attend this black tie fashion show thing please let me know if interested : Appears to start at 4pm Saturday http://newyorkcity.eventful.com/events/kingdoms-our-past-ny-/E0-001-062248663-8 Argh stupid breakup....
I think your money will be far, far better spent holding off until you can visit Italy. In my opinion, everything in Paris was the same fashion brands (except for uber makers like Charvet, Corthay, etc., of course) you can find in any major city, and usually expensive. Just not worth your time and money to shop there. I bought absolutely nothing on my visit, saw nothing at all worth purchasing (I couldn't afford a Cifonelli bespoke suit or Corthay custom...
Anyone interested in purchasing a set of thurston white formal braces? They just don't work on my tux trousers, I need a longer size as it turns out. I don't know that I've worn them, maybe once. Is there a size or good way to measure these?
Thank you-- it is indeed a very dark, practically midnight blue. As for the frames, they are the most Cary-grant esque that I own, gray in color 😊
Thanks! Not sure on the bow, again my bow tie tying skills aren't very good but it is a standard size. When my arms are relaxed at my sides, shows a 1/4 inch of cuff, may have hiked up a bit in pix tho
Thanks guys! It's from Barneys, gent I always work with did another wonderful job for me, and his personal tailor turned around alterations in two days (inc functional handstitched sleeve buttons and even a handsewn lapel buttonhole w flower loop on this one!).
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