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Always difficult to show color of this jacket - sartorio blue jacket 3 roll 2 - silvery grey Paul Stuart trousers - black Tods tassel loafers - RLPL crunchy grey knit tie - light blue cipa shirt
Thank you for the compliment". Will have more pix when I receive suit on June 30/ 1 or 2 July while in the city
Gah!! Was unable to resist message from Barneys -- suit on sale! Dark grey striped
One last wear before putting this one up for hot summer... Gray sartorio suit White shirt, black knit tie, black tassel loafers
Great color on that jacket!Argh I am simply unable to break into the elite 20+ likes club! Setting new goals this month for better quality pix and improved style
Good to be back - navy solid suit - clean white shirt - Azure Lime TF - spotted knit tie Drakes - black tassel loafers for spring/ summer
Haha, no that's the Hollywood bed-- too rich for my blood! Also not enough room in current place
Holy crap, had to get furniture today-- and I thought suits were expensive!?!?! Jeez! At least I can put the new bed into a proper navy pinstripe........
Just back from extended work assignment, kinda pissed off about purchases in wrong damned sizes (up for sale), but some of the purchases that turned out right; cannot say enough good things about the drakes ties, esp the cream n tan one, perfect knot and stiffness
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