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Great dinner tonight, although presence of A-Rod two tables over prevented much attention to my suit and bold striped shirt 😀
Girl of my dreams and Andrea Campagna suit
Thank you! I'll try it-- meanwhile added pix to post from girlfriend's cam, much better than mine and can sorta see the pinstripes
Well I mean....this is what I imagine Ralph would WANT us to wear to his lil restaurant, right? Iphone5 still can't take a decent indoor picture.....wtf Navy pinstripe suit Lightweight silk grey+navy Cesare Attolini tie White spread collar shirt
Thank u!! This is a kiton that somehow turned out just right even though it isn't a cutaway
Needed a conservative tie for work today-- thanks Drakes!
Thank you for the compliment!
Thought this TF was really cool, new for upcoming season I think
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