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Saw your Instagram also-- sir, u have a great eye for ties to complement your jackets/ shirts. Following for more inspiration on my own combos, but u are def next level
I mean....I think the value is $79 for a really nice shirt. With the different cuts and sleeve lengths available, guess the MTM doesn't get the attention
After a couple visits to the mad ave store, I've been recommending Kamakura to people for a while now. Finally purchased three shirts for myself, they are fast becoming my favorite shirts for the office. I even like the collars, and I'm convinced this is THE white button down collar shirt for every wardrobe. I like the Tokyo slims
I can't help but wonder what suitsupply stuff might do for ya. Especially the trousers.
What....are these shoes with this great suit? Maybe just a bad pic ?
Other travel-- from left to right, Bigi at Barneys, Cesare Attolini, Drakes sale at Bergdorf, Bigi at Barneys
Thanks man! It's actually sartorio on the tux, but glad it inspired a good purchase
Nothing too crazy; purchases from NYC (a few even on sale!) Prized piece is grayish shirt studs for evening shirt
I completely agree-- if only I could get true bespoke to account for my forward pitched arms which often bunch and wrinkle my sleeves, yet give me the same shoulder as my current rtw and mtm suits! The Cesare Attolini was obscenely expensive, purchased while making more $$ working overseas-- I've heard Attolini referred to as the "Ferrarai of Italian suits," and perhaps first for good reason
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