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Meetings Monday....groan TF white barrel cuff shirt Cesare Attolini tie Solid blue sartorio suit
I do not recommend-- although quality and roll of lapel to middle button is quite good, the shoulders were about as far from spalla camicia as you can get -- despite my request for "no shoulder" unconstructed and showed my cotton sportcoat from which measurements were taken an added to body measurement details
Second that! I think a polo and jacket (particularly one with structured shoulders) looks terrible-- but a popover and unstructured jacket looks great-- we can't all look as good as the Eidos King, but this seems the way it ought to be done; I'd do an eidos or NMWA popover and soft jacket from suitsupply or eidos with no hesitation
Yes...the thought had occurred. However both my tuxes are shades of blue, thought a more traditional black trouser would be appropriate with the white dinner jacket -- looking at suitsupply or ebay tom ford (would have to be slimmed down tho)
😮.....there are certainly some out-there phineas items for sale, but that's hardly representative of the sale (between PS and Phineas...
Eidos overcoats !?! Wow, didn't know they made those...SPOILER]
Haha-- yeah, it's not for everyone/ a very different take on bone white jacket. Planning to get some black tux trousers for this one as well, when more trad is called for
You silly man!! You can get a phineas cole jacket for under a grand, shirt for 149 bucks, several suits for under a grand both PS and phineas.... I mean, there might be more after 4 July, but these current prices and selection of items are quite good
Nope! Just side tab buckles and plain bottoms-- but I figured if the combo was "correct" enough for Paul Stuart store to display this way on mannequin first floor, it was correct enough for a rube like me 😊
If u haven't purchased from Paul Stuart/ Phineas sale online or in store, YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!!!! 😃 great spring sale on right now, online selection is very good
New Posts  All Forums: