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Oh man I like that suit!! I will gladly overlook the apparent shortness of the shirt collar due to the awesomeness of the suit shoulder. Has the make of this suit already been identified ?
Meh....casual Friday. Not thrilled with this one except for jacket nonshoulder boglioli navy blazer with smoke color buttons.
Thursday, nice weather/temps forecasted -- so attempts to be Awesome increase by 17% Cesare Attolini suit, tom ford shirt n tie
Navy solid tie on the way in a week or two; I'm actually hoping to do more simple style soon, myselfIn the meantime, boring Wednesday at the office medio blue jacket, lite gray trousers, brown botticelli loafers
Thanks! Sadly, the only portraits I have are Starbucks bathroom selfies...😣
Solid gray suit n Lobb shoes
Kulata-- thank you! This is the slightly lighter than navy Sartorio from Barneys. Wish the tie showed up better in those shots, I really like this one with a blue suitHeldentenor-- please take full torso or nearly full length photos (maybe balance your phone on something and get camera+ app that has timer)
Wow, those shoes are pointy!! Another meetings Monday, another solid blue suit day. Teal and navy TF tie.
Because in DC, seersucker is a very normal occurance (yoox Mantova jacket zero shoulder, zero lining or construction)
Dinner last night, debut of new tie from NM sales- tan wool gaberdine solid
New Posts  All Forums: