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Not sure that an overall sizing up across the board is the way to go-- I've even found done variations in size and model at suitsupply, which I def hope you are considering. The only really sharp Zegna suit I've seen posted in the last year was an expertly tailored blue DB suit on a forum member not long ago-- other than that, I think SS is a better bet for most people in fit/cut, like the one u tried on recently!
Really hoping this includes purchases from Tie Your Tie, G. Abo Napoli......but looking fwd to seeing the recent additions regardless !
Needed a power suit for today's presentation (then hopefully off a little early this afternoon)!! Cesare Attolini navy suit with French blue pinstripe Lobb brown shoes Bigi Milano tie Isaia long semi spread collar shirt Omega seamaster gmt
Khakis Thursday, in advance of suit Friday for work presentation -- but lucky for me, it will be Hotter Than Hell both days 😣
Thank you-- I learn something new every day
That sounds crazy! But curious what u see on fit of sides, shoulders, chest that led to comment?I did indeed wash hands as sign instructed me to do, tho! 😀
Going to be nearly 100 degrees today, but.....hopefully will stay indoors! Feels like more good work from Barneys NYC--> A. Campagna suit
First wear of the burgundy solid Serraicco tie!
Dunno if the Formosa will fit as well as the suitsupply suit, but I found a great one there yesterday myself-- fit was spot on, and for summer can't beat it. Suitsupply suits Fit far better than everything I tried on at neiman marcus and other places, that is for certain. I think if u try a SS suit and it fits great, u get it!!
Looks like 91 degrees today.... Looser fit medium blue suit, lightest weight I own Phineas cole FC shirt Same summer tie as yesterday, but ironed Brown loafers slight headache from drinking last night
New Posts  All Forums: