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jeez, have never seen lobbs priced like this. if you are a size 7 US shoe, def worth considering!
Good looking tuxedo shirts on sale at Saks!
size 40 navy sportcoat, Boglioli mid weight wool. If the current interested party doesn't purchase, i can ship to you if you like it. unconstructed, a really great blazer. length boc 29.5 / 75cm, chest approx 42", sleeves 25" (can be further tailored), seam to seam shoulders approx 18 1/4". If I wasn't such a difficult fit/ weird build, i would definitely keep for myself!. I would say it is right in the area of size 38 to 40 in actual fit can ship to europe for $130...
those are really nice....remind me of Corthay
Does anyone have a source for button down collar shirts with a nice roll/ length of collar, AND a taller collar band-- avail in USA? I'd really like to find a slim fit white buttondown, but none seem to have a decent height to the collar band to help with my longer neck and standing well under a blazer. I think my budget (to include online custom stuff, if they will make a higher collar band) is under $200
Quick sale, 60 shipped in USA. Never worn nor altered, clearing out things I never wore but got on sale Size 16' purple label, French cuffs, white w navy stripe, cutaway collar Ebay gift please
I think this is Mazarrelli for Jean Manuel Moreau store in Paris-- great collar height. No tie space, collar shape-- might NMWA offer this style shirt in the future? I'd def buy some
John Lobb Chapel on sale (still a distance from "affordable...." but still)
Yep barneys online has several drakes on sale
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