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Does anyone have a source for button down collar shirts with a nice roll/ length of collar, AND a taller collar band-- avail in USA? I'd really like to find a slim fit white buttondown, but none seem to have a decent height to the collar band to help with my longer neck and standing well under a blazer. I think my budget (to include online custom stuff, if they will make a higher collar band) is under $200
Quick sale, 60 shipped in USA. Never worn nor altered, clearing out things I never wore but got on sale Size 16' purple label, French cuffs, white w navy stripe, cutaway collar Ebay gift please
I think this is Mazarrelli for Jean Manuel Moreau store in Paris-- great collar height. No tie space, collar shape-- might NMWA offer this style shirt in the future? I'd def buy some
John Lobb Chapel on sale (still a distance from "affordable...." but still) http://www.barneys.com/john-lobb-chapel-501587620.html
Yep barneys online has several drakes on sale http://www.barneys.com/barneys-new-york/men/ties?q=drake%27s&prefn1=productAccess&prefv1=isPublic
Seemed like a milk chocolate tie kinda Tuesday
like that grenadine! good choice new Drake's tie for my birthday (from me to me)
Thank you, sir, for bringing the shoe game. Great!Mr Venneri, I....don't know what to make of your outfit....unless you are a villain in Gotham.
like it! the white carnation, or something in red for contrast (reddish stone small one, etc.) seem like great options to me.
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