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2 new RLPL French Cuff shirts, new and never worn. Trying to clear out a few things, may have size 40 LBM blazers up for sale later too $90 for the set of two shirts, shipped anywhere in USA Size 16
Nice-- how height is the collar band? Always interested in shirts that have a taller collar band
😀 I don't have a tailor unfortunately -- this needs to be an online purchase
For a white dinner jacket
Hi guys Anyone know a good source for a pair of medium weight black (no blues) tux trouser with grosgrain trim, and a 7 1/2" to 8" ankle measurement (I'd call this moderately slim but not skinny pants) No rush to have them by a certain date but need to order some online / will not likely be traveling back to NYC etc in near future Thank you!
Can anyone provide a current 'snapshot' on sales that will still be going on this coming weekend/ 23 January? - Paul Stuart - Barneys - Bergdorf - Saks - Bloomingdales thank you!!
jeez, have never seen lobbs priced like this. if you are a size 7 US shoe, def worth considering! http://www.barneys.com/john-lobb-chapel-501587620.html#prefn1=onSale&prefn2=productAccess&prefv3=isPublic&prefv1=Sale&prefv2=isPublic&prefn3=productAccess&start=6
Good looking tuxedo shirts on sale at Saks! http://m.saks.com/pd.jsp?FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374306418052&productCode=0477597456938&R=822289773815&P_name=ISAIA&sid=127F38CAD8BC&N=1553+306418052+4294962179+4294906354+4294902824+4294903074+4294915818+4294906976+4294956084+4294905790&bmUID=l7q8MSD
size 40 navy sportcoat, Boglioli mid weight wool. If the current interested party doesn't purchase, i can ship to you if you like it. unconstructed, a really great blazer. length boc 29.5 / 75cm, chest approx 42", sleeves 25" (can be further tailored), seam to seam shoulders approx 18 1/4". If I wasn't such a difficult fit/ weird build, i would definitely keep for myself!. I would say it is right in the area of size 38 to 40 in actual fit can ship to europe for $130...
those are really nice....remind me of Corthay
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