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yeah man let's see the pix! big fan of the sartorio brand and enjoy seeing more examples, in addition to the other great stuff on your list!
IF ONLY RTC HAD BOUGHT THST BADASSFINAMORE SPREAD COLLAR SHIRT WITH SPREAD COLLAR GREATNESS AND DOUBLE BUTTON CUFFS....http://www.styleforum.net/t/386911/nwot-finamore-light-blue-spread-collar-dress-shirt-15-5#post_7074771Or one of the spread kamakuras currently up for sale by another member!!
Sweet! Not everyone has live for a striped suit, but I do!! What's the make on that one, looks sharp!@spoo - boglioli shoulders are legendary on that blue sportcoat
I dunno, but Napoli pant shown below looks quite skinny while overall cut and shape of sienna seems really nice to me/ pretty moderate. I know clarinet player wears SS but not sure if he has siennaAnd that said, himaroto-- have u considered the sienna?I
New ties, amateur pix Great ties, seem very Italian understated style to me Ties 3/14" at widest point but wider/ heavier construction than my other ties at tying point-- beefy knots
This pic illustrates why I like the sienna so much, and recommend it often to others. Very nice, man!
Yup that's my source-- I just ask that members please not contact Franco unless u really plan on buying, plan to spend at least 165 bucks. Highly recommend owning one!
Yep they are great-- and prices are pretty much 135, 165, or 200 for the really special stuff. Like em a lot and bringing two with me to NYC next week
Damn! That is a fine lookin shirt, and nice double button cuffs that go well with a wristwatch. If only Ride The Cliche would buy this shirt, collar is perfecto
Finally got some shots to show the blue color of this suit-- definitely BLUE not anything close to gray, etc. Medium blue flannel special order...ugh it was pricey...40 reg suit. I will pay shipping via priority mail and will add an Isaia suit travel bag which folds and zips up on the sides Yep! I actually just took some pix but need to get it in natural sunlight tomorrow to give proper color. It is one amazing blue flannel suit, def lighter than navy. Flannel wool with a...
New Posts  All Forums: