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I don't know why the Isham is still so readily available, but what I can say is that the Rustic Grain Thorpe from the Odd Stock section no longer is!  
Used BGBAH2N9   Thank you!!
Well after receiving my 2 orders from Bespoke England at the end of December (placed orders end of November),I found each order was missing a pair. I emailed once a week and no response. Finally had to do a chargeback with my credit card today for the 2 pairs I was charged for but never received. Lame. The shoes I did get were great and I'm happy I got most of what I ordered (unlike some who got nothing at all), but the lack of basic customer service was really...
2 of my pairs were missing (one from each order). I've emailed Nick and I'm waiting for a reply. I agree with the others; it can take awhile but it's worth it in the end.
I also did 2 separate orders but I received 2 different tracking #s.I'm also curious if anyone got hit with customs via Royal Mail / USPS?
Got my shipping confirmation for both orders placed! There's still hope! FYI I did email him yesterday.
I can't speak for anyone else but I've only emailed him twice in the last 2 weeks, the last email was after he posted here asking us to email him for priority shipping.Most of us who shop online frequently know that when a great deal comes along you may not get all or even part of your order. We're just asking to be kept updated periodically.
I'm in the exact same situation as you are. No response at all even after he posted here advising us to email him. Frustrating to say the least.
I think I was number 6 on that GMTO which I sort of just did on a whim. I'm REALLY glad I did though! Great make-up
2 orders here as well. Nada
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