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This. I ordered a suit, a jacket, and a belt on Sunday, 11/10. I got the belt last Monday. I had to call customer service regarding the other stuff and indeed it's shipping from overseas. It finally arrived in NJ and has shipped out to me today with expected arrival 11/23. FWIW I did get the email informing me that it would take an additional 5 business days to receive my items. However, mine will end up taking 13 business days.  Basically--you might get your stuff in a...
Nonsense! These belts are awesome. I wear mine with suits every day. If that's wrong, well then I don't want to be right!
Just received my belts. They are superb! Customer service is also exceptional and very friendly. Thank you!
 Well there should now be 4 fewer belts in that section! To say I'm excited is an understatement. :)
Awesome shoes, even better prices! Not my size though :(
Thank you, that was really cool to read!
That is just gorgeous. Good luck with sale!
PM sent
I'm sure they are rushing production on the Bond peacoat to capitalize on it's popularity, but that doesn't explain why OP Madison jackets was not well made. Hopefully just a blip and not a trend!
Not my size but awesome post!
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