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Hi,   Thanks for organizing, the pics of the previous group order look amazing. Please count me in:   Italian V-cap oxford / U-last / Size 44 / Navy    I might be in for a bal boot, depending on pricing.   I'm interested in details on the mystery leather as well.    Thanks!
Equus hands down for me. Artisanal quality, huge range of options, husband and wife team that loves what they do, reasonable prices, and spectacular customer service. What else could you possibly want?
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@TC This has been my EXACT experience at SS Houston as well. I won't bother with their tailor going forward. My friend from Cali bought a suit with me got pinned etc. When it was shipped to him the pants still had the pins and no alterations done. They really need to clean up that part of their service.
15% off so stop bitching and start buying lol
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Stunning. Unfortunately not my size or it would be mine.
My austerity brogues came in on Monday. It's raining here so I haven't gotten a chance to take them out on their Maiden Voyage yet Thanks Greg and Kyle!
http://www.nytimes.com/2002/04/28/nyregion/a-200-year-old-gift-from-under-the-sea.html?pagewanted=all&src=pm Charlie got me wondering about Russia leather. Pretty Interesting story
Most of my stuff dropped. In USA here. 
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