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Yes, my understanding is that the construction and tailoring is just as good as Kiton, but they don't have the ridiculous fabrics that Kiton uses.
Insane Sartoria Partenopea 100% Cashmere jacket. Instakop if it were my size.    For those that aren't aware Sartoria Partenopea is a small tailoring house started by former Kiton folks. They make amazing stuff.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/410853/sartoria-partenopea-100-cashmere-size-38-us-it48-brand-new-unworn
I bought the cream linen (as opposed to the dark blue one pictured) Partenopea jacket on a lark for a stupidly low price. That light blue one though...yikes.
Stile Latino jacket for great price. http://www.styleforum.net/t/336554/stile-latino-3-roll-2-button-blazer-gray-check-48-38
Awesome shoes and awesome price. GLWS!
Stunning! The wait for mine is killing me!
@arahat Please add if not too late: Double monk in gold museum calf, u last, size 44. Double leather sole taper to single Thanks!
Charlie and Dawn, Really like the new website. 4 more belts ordered!
Great, great read. Thanks so much, look forward to round 2.
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