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PM sent
I just called them and placed my order(s) over the phone. Service was very professional and courteous as you might expect.
There it is. I knew I had seen it somewhere before!Anyway, back to lurking.Carry on guys
The Kiton sweater is fake. Dude is sewing Kiton labels on Gap sweaters. Some other poster in another thread linked one of his "Kiton" sweaters to an ad from Gap in China
These arrived yesterday. Thanks to the great guys at Skoak!
Thanks! Full specs: Model 3964 Vitello Green with heavy burnish 2102/B last Black lining Single leather black sole with beveled waist black sole edge with black flat laces
My EB MTO is inbound...
Hey guys I have 2 pairs of these. Both are new in box. One pair has the shoe covers included, one doesn't.   New in box, first quality Maison Margiela 22 "plaster cast" papier-mache German Army Trainer replica sneakers.   Leather upper covered in plaster. White color, rubber sole, leather lined.   Condition: New in box   Size: 45 EU, about 12 US. Returns not accepted, please know your size in this brand.   Colors best seen in close-up photo.    Paypal only....
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