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So in follow-up I called Paypal and the rep told me to simply return to sender. Tracking # will be the same as the one the sender used so it should not show as "delivered" but will update as "returned." She did mention that he could send it back again and I would have to refuse it again (perpetual circle of misery I guess), but I'm not sure how likely that would be.
Thanks for the advice. I tried calling today but gave up after being on hold for 15 minutes. I'll try again tomorrow.
Thanks, I think you're right. Looks like I probably don't have any options here unless the shoes arrive in used/damaged condition.
Hey guys thanks to everyone who regularly posts in this thread. I've learned so much by keeping my mouth shut and reading. It's made my attempts at selling on eBay much easier. However I have an issue which I don't recall being addressed (at least recently): I sold a pair of NIB shoes directly via PayPal. Sent buyer an invoice which specified no returns. He emails me today that he received the shoes today but they don't fit. He's already sent the shoes back and is asking...
Vintage grey pearl
My Thorpe has arrived as well.
proxy would be awesome
Thank you gentlemen! To say I'm anxious to receive them would be a massive understatement.
My EB MTO also came in. 946 last, bracken museum as well.
Gentlemen, I have 2 pairs of these beautiful shoes available:   New in box, Dover model oxfords in gorgeous Polo Suede (Reddish brown) made by world renowned shoemakers Crockett and Jones for Barney's New York   Goodyear Welted, Leather sole   Made in England   Last: 348   MSRP: $605   Condition: New in box, shoe bags included   Color: Polo Suede   Size: 7D US (marked size is US size as these are made for the American Market), UK size is 6   External...
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