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Before we all hop on the Luxire leathers hype train, see the review of said jacket here. It was evidently not made to the customer specifications and he felt the inexperience with leathers really showed in some of the construction aspects. That said it looks really nice aesthetically. 
Allen Edmonds shell seconds sold for $300, why would these be worth $475?
The squeaking supposedly pretty rare, but FWIW I prefer leather as well.
It's interesting that they're using leather. Carreducker has said in thier blog that they use felt or cork specifically because leather can occasionally cause squeaking and is stiffer/takes longer to break in (although the second consideration probably isn't a concern for Viberg). 
Patattack,    I've never beena  fan of a bump toe like that with the high heel and waist when there's no real shaft to balance it out. IMO, that's not a good choice of last for the shoe. However I suspect it should hold up really well. 
 Great graphic. Really makes the construction clear. Do you happen to know if that's Identical the the Viberg construction or if it's more specific to Wesco?
Viberg and I believe WESCO as well are using a strict stitchdown construction, which is a rather different construction style. Danner is the other big brand using stitch down but it's fairly popular on high end hiking boots. As far as I know, the rolled or "rolled norwegian" construction that White's and Nicks use is primarily limited to small bootmakers in the northwestern US.
You are waaaaay far in the wrong thread. These are almost certainly from a more SW&D oriented brand and not from a workwear brand. However you could probably imitate them with a black smooth leather on a six inch boot with one of the black vibram christy soles and blackout stitching/hardware. I'm sure White's or Nicks could give you something similar. 
This is the description of the waxed kudu from the Stead Tannery site. "   The Kudu is an Antelope from Southern Africa, living wild in the bush, and culled seasonally on a sustainable basis. The Antelope family have traditinally provided skins which make unique leather offering a combination of softness with strength, and a striking appearance."     I suspect that it's real kudu like the Carmina's. Aldens is similar to a waxed CXL right?
As far as I know Stead only does suedes and exotics. Here's their product page. I wonder if they do the Kudu that Carmina used in the Jumper boots they did for Epaulet?
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