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Up for sale, a pair of custom White's Boot's designed to emulate the Viberg Scout boots. The size is 10D but will fit a 10.5D just fine. The leather is White's standard black roughout, about 7-8oz thick and very nice quality. They're lined with red calfskin and have an unstructured toe. They cost $425 new and have been worn around 10 times. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. 
They sold to someone on GYW, just needed to get them gone quickly so I could buy a new pair before it was gone :p
Got pics of those N&F's?
I tried the Samurai S5000BK when I was in Japan this spring and it's an amazingly rough, slubby denim but I ended up passing because I was looking for a black/black denim. I'd definitely still recommend them though, enough room in the thigh for someone with a larger quad and a reasonable fit through the calf, not particularly tapered though. Fabric looked like it would fade really well with how rough and stiff it was. Anyways, ended up with Left Field chelsea's since I...
I'm sure you're already aware of the general quality of Viberg's boots, these are from one of the first collaborations Viberg did with 3sixteen and are in the famed olive chromepack, a very heavy, oiled leather with a mild pullup and excellent ability to recover from scratches and scrapes. These have long been sold out and there's currently no retailer carrying chromepack Vibergs. This particular pair has a scratch on the left toe visible in the photos and...
Before we all hop on the Luxire leathers hype train, see the review of said jacket here. It was evidently not made to the customer specifications and he felt the inexperience with leathers really showed in some of the construction aspects. That said it looks really nice aesthetically. 
Allen Edmonds shell seconds sold for $300, why would these be worth $475?
The squeaking supposedly pretty rare, but FWIW I prefer leather as well.
It's interesting that they're using leather. Carreducker has said in thier blog that they use felt or cork specifically because leather can occasionally cause squeaking and is stiffer/takes longer to break in (although the second consideration probably isn't a concern for Viberg). 
Patattack,    I've never beena  fan of a bump toe like that with the high heel and waist when there's no real shaft to balance it out. IMO, that's not a good choice of last for the shoe. However I suspect it should hold up really well. 
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