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From what I can see most Lee 101 and Lee repros are now made in Japan (and I've heard Poland too?), not in the USA.  But they're still really gorgeous jawnz.
The West is Dead all about $240.   Ruell and Ray ~$200-300   Rogue Territory ~$200-250
  Calling myself a denimhead might be a misnomer.  I'm obsessed with the stuff but just started into raws.  I have a NF and a Levis STF.  Saving up for something nice though, like Flathead or RBJ.  I go to school in the newengland area
Hey there,   I'm from LA, lurker of 2 years, out of all the forums this is probably my favorite.  I'm a college student operating on a modest budget.  I'm a big denimhead and have a soft spot for cold weather jackets.  I use this forum for a lot of information on fades and stretching on jeans I buy.
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