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  They just reopened, I'm going for my third fitting today. Email Nani at, she's very nice.
  Ah, so are you supposed to adopt a relaxed posture for fittings? Sorry for being a complete newbie. I admit that when the camera came out, I just stood to attention.   Did have an issue with it being very tight on the back (hugging my collar bone) so this is after an adjustment.  
Currently getting my suit cut at Iris. These pictures are from the second fitting about a week ago, using a sample fabric before the cutting begins.   What do people think? Looking at getting the shoulders lengthened a bit and maybe the sleeves taken in.   The length isn't uneven by the way, just the way the pins were pulling.    
What are your personal favourites?     Anything from the The Armoury is usually right up my street, if a bit too much Drakes tie and generally prohibitively expensive haberdashery. Put This On always has some interesting buyer's guides.
2nd fitting on sample fabric at Iris Tailor, Singapore. Thoughts? I think maybe the shoulder could be lengthened and the arms taken in a bit.   Apologies for the poor picture quality. Just to point out, the length on the front is not uneven, it just appears so.      
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