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Excellent condition paif of black AE Chester wingtips. No major scratches or blemishes to note. Worn less than a handful of times to formal occassions.  Price: $100  Mens 9.5E Location: San Diego,...
these are the retro vintage style flannels from OLD NAVY. Super heavy and actually nice quality.
Great condition.
Great condition. Thinning my closet so Im listing a few items I wear infrequently or never.  This only has 2 wears on it and is in excellent condition
Great condition. Paid $125 a few months ago and its only been worn once
Brand new. These are not really my style so Id like to recoupe some money and purchase something else. These are the bushacre model which is the same as the CBDs but with a rubber sole. Much more durable and you wont feel every pebble under your foot like you do with the crepe sole on the CBDs
Great condition. Heavy thick leather. Fits 30-34" waists. 1.5 width
Started out as undyed, untanned leather. Gorgeous patina is developing. buckle is easily replaced with something else if you prefer. I am a 32-33 waist and I wore this on the second belt hole. The total length is 40'' and will accommodate larger and smaller waists easily(30-34"). Measures about 4.5-5mm in thickness. Strong yet supple leather
bump please
SOLD! thanks everyone
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