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I'm selling my brown 9 d Wolverine 1000 mile boots. They've been well cared for; conditioning, and shoe trees. They're used, but with plenty of life left, and certainly not abused. Worn for casual outings and city...
$15 takes it
$30 to your box
$85 shipped to you!
$20 to your door
price is now $100 shipped!
105 shipped!!
Purchased these Adler half soles with intent to put them on my leather soled boots to add some protection and prevent slippage but decided to go with a full rubber soled boot instead. These are a dark, dark brown in color and brand new. Made in Italy. These will come with a new package of Barge's all purpose cement for application which is known for being the best. $25 shipped for everything. Small price to pay to protect your investment and prevent a nasty slip and fall
price drop to 100 shipped!
price drop to $35 shipped!
New Posts  All Forums: