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I agree with Eustace %100 on the button down collar. I always choose this option when I go with an open collar and have never found anything else that I liked the look of better.   - Randy
I have three Robert Talbotts that I've had for a long time and wear carefully (I have one on today incidentally), but more common quality ties I don't fret over that much when they begin to show wear. That said, I don't consider any tie as a disposable item - I treat them all with care and try to keep them in good order regardless, and when I choose new ties I almost always select the more timeless styles so that, like my Talbotts, they will meet their end due to wear...
And be sure to use a good quality shoe tree for at least two hours after you take them off. This will help deal with the moisture, which will preserve the leather longer.   - Randy
Toe box fit may have more to do with the last style than the shoe size. I find that some last styles result in shoes that don't fit my foot well regardless of how it fits the rest of my foot.   - Randy
If your interested in a vintage look you might take a look at the fedora lounge forum site. They specialize in vintage while this forum seems to me to be predominantly current fashion oriented with an undercurrent of traditional style advise. Not that you wont find what you are looking for here, but you might find that site useful as well...   - Randy
Same here...   - Randy
You might check your local fabric shop(s) for patterns (usually located in the center of the store in a large beige cabinet), or go online to pattern vendors, someone like Simplicty for example, and you should be able to get patterns in the specific size you are looking for. I have rarely seen them online, and even if you did find one you would probably need a plotter to print it out...   - Randy
Hello all,   I'm new to this particular forum, having seen it reference on another forum (shaving site), and while I don't spend a great deal of time online I do occasionally find the random forum discussion interesting, at least on certain topics. After a quick review, this site looked active enough and mature enough to be worth joining (insert inside jokes here.) What to say about myself is always a challenge so I’ll keep it brief. I greatly prefer to frequent...
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