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Hi, What size do you think are this persol, thanks        
its a good point, i not think is a very good bussines faking them and selling persols, its not a very popular brand and they dont have a big market, and its very expensive make a replica, its to much work
its a good point, i not think its a very good bussines faking them and selling this sunglasses, persol not have a huge market, is not a popular brand, and it would very expensive make a replica because it very difficult do it, its not a good deal
Very good point, i dont think is a very good deal make and sell fake persol when there is no so much demands as a others brands, persol dont are in the most famous brands and dont have a big market, and its must be very dificult and expensive faking them.
Really i need some english Lessons haha
and another simillar seller told me this   We buy them from Italy. They have all the signs needed. We are internet company that proud to give great products in a reasonable price. Cheers,
hi, i send him a message asking if the sunglasses are authentic an why are so cheap, and this told me   Our glasses are 1000% authentic with the Persol mark on the lens. We purchase large quantities so that we can offer the best prices on the web. Let me know if I can assist you further, and we look forward to your business!
this is the URL, thanks dude
this is real or fake?
Hi guys, i want buy a persol 714 and i see in ebay At 140 dlls, the seller have a very good reputation, do you think are authentic, a year ago I bought on eBay a polarized 649 with the price 230 dlls and are authentic, but this same seller have the 714 at 200 dlls, and i want Save 60 dlls with the other seller, what do you thinks guys? And why are so cheap compared with the retail prices, sorry for my bad english
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