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Awesome finds! It fits you great too which is always a plus! Great shoes too, especially with those socks! Which thrift store did you purchase at?
Great stripped socks! They go great with your suit also. We love it when guys can dress business while also showing off their personalities! 
I have heard of a few different ways to DIY a ink stain out of clothing but my nephew tried this one the other day and it worked perfectly. Milk and Vinegar. Two parts whole milk and one part white vinegar. Soak your shirt in this overnight. Here comes the weird part: Hang it up to dry and then wash it as you normally would after. Let me know how it works out for you!
With certain types of shoes this just happens. Usually it is just the way the shoe is made. Overtime, the bulge might leave creases but it most likely will not get any worse. I wouldn't worry about it too much. This issue isn't worth sending them back or trying to switch sizes. These shoes are awesome though! Love the detail, enjoy them! 
Very nice! We love this combo. Perfect sock design to stand out but not too much where it looks funky! (Cause we all have seen those combinations!) Looks great with those shoes too. What kind are those?
Hey Rudals! I know exactly how you feel! I would suggest looking for a suit shop that sells all types of brands, both designer and less known brands, this way you have a variety to shop from. Just because a suit isn't 3000 dollars doesn't mean it isn't high quality. Most of the time you are just paying for the name anyways. Look for a store that also does in house tailoring. This way once you find your perfect suit, you can immediately have it sized for tailoring! Most...
Great question! I think my favorite suit is my favorite because of how it feels on me. It definitely Isn't my best fitting suit but I find it more comfortable then my best fitted one. Also, I love the color of my favorite suit especially paired with my favorite pair of light gray pants. My favorite suite gives me confidence and makes me feel as if I can conquer whatever comes my way that day!  
Hmm this is a tough one. I would say that returning it would probably be the best option you have. Black pants will work but it may look as good as you would have hoped. Other options would be to go and get specially made pants to match the color, but this options will be pricey. It depends on how much you really love the top part and whether you are willing to spend some cash on having matching pants made. Good luck and I hope you figure it out!
I agree with what many are saying regarding your shirt color. I believe white would look considerably better, especially since you are going to a dance. Wearing too many shades of the same color is never a good idea. I would even go with a brighter colored tie also to make your outfit standout a bit more. Good luck!
You are really strapped from time! Unfortunately, I really do think your only plausible option here would be to rent one and deal with an odd fitted suit just this once. The only other option I can think of is to take a day off soon and just spend it searching and hopefully you will find something that is close enough to what you want. Good luck to you!
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