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Well I haven't gotten it yet, should have it sometime next week. I have a pretty lean physique so it should fit well (with minor alterations). I'll take pictures and post as soon as I get it. I actually don't mind the notch lapel, but I guess that's also because I haven't spent too much time on SF yet :)
haha thanks! I will post pictures the minute it arrives, and you can be the judge on how it fits! I might have to take it to a tailor to get it fitted..lets see! Thanks for your help! :)
I completely agree, I don't think $1000 is a whole lot in general, but I wonder if I could have spent it somewhere else and gotten a better Tux. Is YSL supposed to make good Tuxes?
Hi Guys,   I have a friends wedding coming up in July and I'm one of the groomsman. My wife's been telling me that I should just rent a tux, but I cringe at the idea of wearing a I recently saw this YSL tuxedo on Gilt   And in a moment of quick decision ended up picking one up. Now I'm having buyers remorse, thinking that maybe I spent too much...
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