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I'm in need of some of the collective wisdom of the Australian Members. I'm going to begin interviewing with some of the investment banks for client facing roles in Melbourne next week and I'm trying to gauge how conservative they'll be. I've been working in one of the big 4 accounting firms for the past few years and typically wear brown/burgundy shoes with the occasional pair of black shoes thrown in. Are brown and burgundy going to cut it for interviews at these places...
I'd recommend 3sixteen straight leg. Best fitting jeans I've ever owned and definitely not too tapered.
Rekaris. Up the top of Russell street. Always done a top notch job on topies.
Polyester shirt, shiny silk tie, matching pocket square, pin stripe suit, square-toed black laceless shoes.
I could, but I think paying a third of the cost/replacement value to get it back in working order is a pretty good deal. I also have a spare from work to keep me dry over winter.
 Sent a few emails back and forth with Henry Bucks. Sounds like they should be able to fix it for around $50. Unfortunately it's all done in Sydney and could take 4 or 5 weeks. Better to be dry for the second half of winter than not at all though I guess.
I bought an umbrella from Howard Yount about a year ago. Today's Melbourne winds have managed to snap two of the spokes. Was I wrong to assume this would last through these sorts of conditions? I've written to the guys at Howard Yount, but if I have no luck there, is this the kind of thing that can be repaired? If so, does anyone know someone in Melbourne who'd be able to do it?
Had a look through this thread the other day to see if anyone had any good suggestions for dry cleaners in Melbourne and there didn't seem to be much consensus. Bancrofts was the most mentioned name but it seems to be getting mixed reviews and sounds like it is quite pricey.   I decided to give On The Spot on Bridge Road in Richmond a crack as their name had been bandied about a few times elsewhere. Had a big load, three suits, two of which had two pairs of pants....
Has anyone bought anything directly off the SNS Herning website? Been trying to get in contact with them but haven't heard back. Do they ship to Australia and are quoted prices inclusive or exclusive of VAT?
I have a question for the shoe experts around. I recently bought a pair of C&Js from the American Tailor sale. I haven't owned C&J before but I have owned AEs, Loakes and Meermins. The issue is that the top layer of the sole seems to be peeling off at the toe. I've never had this issue with any of my other shoes. Is this going to be a problem going forward? Is it an easy fix for a cobbler or is it something I should be returning them over? Here are the pictures for...
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