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OK, so I've left myself open to some digs on here. I can take it.   I've edited my original post to something more suitable.   Thankyou all for your feedback.  
The shoes are going back. I like the style but after a bit of thought I do agree with everyones comments. I admit they are shit. The green colour I thought would be a bit different but people are entitled to change their mind. Like I said, I originally had them in brown which made them a lot more versatile. The quality is awful and this new pair also look like they'd come apart after 1 wear.   I don't usually buy really cheap crap but I've got an expensive couple of...
I've just re-read my original post and I can't see that I asked if people thought they were hideous or not. I asked what colour trousers people would recommend to wear with green shoes.   What exactly makes them hideous? The colour or style?   I appreciate they are cheap and Ted Baker aren't renowned for their shoes but I like them and for 30 quid I can't complain. Some people are on a budget and can't afford to splash out £400+ for shoes.   If you haven't...
I do realise that cheap shoes aren't worth but unfortunately my budget can't stretch to a nice pair of Church's at the moment, I have more important things to spend my money on. Thank you for your advice.  
Oh, here's a link to the shoes in green; Cheers.
Hi, What colour trousers would you pair with some truly awful cheap and nasty green tassle loafers? Thanks.
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