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Ya can't recall that brand, these are looking very nice, found them on today, Simone & Bros. shop or something rather..       
Wow Thx for the expertise, truly impressed with this forum and the feedback, i think i'll stay a while.  @gsugsu
Thanks for you insight that helps narrow it down   EDIT: "The existence of only three pairs of shoes made by John McHale is documented. Two, in private hands, are thought to be of post-war production. McHale’s partner Francis Stuart Scott died 13 Feb 1943 and I cannot find any record of Mr. McHale passing. The firm itself appears to have continued in existence to 1954, although one of the three known pairs is dated 1956."   From...
EDiT: see pics below
thrifted these a few days ago, googled them cant find anything on McHale shoes except that they are rare.. experts on style what do you think??
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