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Thank you
Ok, so does CT shirts get any cheaper than 39$??
I got 2 white twill non iron In extra slim. They fit me fine in the chest and shoulder and waste if fine, I say there is maybe 1 from my sides, which is OK for. The length could be a little longer, but they stayed tucked in the the most part. The shirts feel very soft, I really like the feel. I got their magazine in store which states the extra slim is even more taken in now at the sides, I'm not sure if this is what I got or the old measurements, forgot to ask sales...
yes, I ordered 16 neck.  Ok, crossing my fingers,  Gee, i'm tempted to order 4 more and get some additional colors.  I ordered 4 white and one casual white, since I"m just building my wardrobe .  What other colors do you have or suggest, i think a light blue would be nice and a pink and a gingham.
i got the extra slim, hopefully its not to slim.  I"m 6' 182 and neck 16 and waist 32.5 inches.   They have a store in DC, so if they don't fit I will just return there, hopefully I can do that and then get regular slim, if extra slim is to small.  You guys think I can do this?
thanks so much for replying to me. I just ordered 4 whites and one white casual.  Next time I order from them I will get a light blue and try another color. Which other colors you have, i'm looking to build basics right right now. thanks again.
I was thinking of this as my 1st shirt to buy from this CT.  Is this good as 1st shirt?'s-shirts/men's-shirts-multi-buy-offer/White-poplin-extra-slim-fit?q=3csbb1||FD076WHT|||||1862,4363,222,492,||16,|35,|||||
 hey guys, i'm looking to buy my 1st shirt from this site.  Which one do you recommend.  I woujld like to start with a white and light blue, please send me link.  Just trying to see you guys are buying, not looking for the fancy shirts, just to wear to work and maybe it can go with a dark blue jean to go out.  Let me know please.
Guys are you all buying the poplin or the twill, send me link to the shirts you guys like at CT
Stnrigant which shirt did you buy
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