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I would be interested in some real life pics of the York myself. Not sure how it would fit me, but Id be interested to see some pics and a price.
Hey guys, first post here so please try and bear with me. I just grabbed this Suitsupply Napoli and this was the best fitting out of the two I ordered. This was my first time trying it on, and no alterations have been made. There is no store near me so it wasnt possible for me to try anything on prior to ordering. What do you guys think about this off the rack fit? I need to go get the pants altered and can request any changes to the jacket that you guys suggest. Please...
Does anyone have an email address for the customer service department? I cant find it on the site and when I click the 'Contact Us' it opens up in that dumb outlook program... Why cant they just list their email?
Does anyone have any pictures of the 'blue' color as compared to the navy? If anyone would happen to have a picture of the Blue Herringbone Washington that would be absolutely perfect!
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