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Gents, apologies for the late coming, the coat is still with me and yes still looking for buyers. I have received no private messages yet though? With offers or requested details. I shall add some more pictures this week however, now the schedule is easing up abit, and all additional information size and fabric wise. Any questions please ask, I will be keeping this thread on the top hit list now on. Best regards to all.
  Any suggestions SpooPoker?
btromano - the market for these pieces are respectively unique to the buyer so would like to hear serious offers and not quote one. As i said to Jeff regarding the cloth, I am aware that Brioni's style of cloth making is ultimate artistry with some items being extremely unique in either design or fabric, and ultimately very unique in the availability for a reduced/used sale at all. With that in mind without the fabric information confirming any particular excess in...
Ok thanks again Jeff. Shame that post is a few years old as this item would have suited the request. Im familiar with Vicuna and the quality of the two cloths side by side are indistinguishable other than personal preference of the wearer. Im interested myself on the fabric so shall get some info from Brioni.  
I wonder if i was 2 months too late with Christies Auction featuring Brioni - Bond film sensationalism??!  
The value of it shall be the next venture of attainment! Smart black classic gentlemen's overgarment, perfect condition and well looked after. One button missing but will be amended for sale.   I have found none like it anywhere for sale or in discussion. Which is both a positive and negative for my interest in valuation. But the original retail price known by anyone serious about this type cloth artistry as back up should I not get any serious offers or valuations....
Thanks Jeff,   Though English is my 1st language!   How might I get the style and fabric information confirmed? This is a beautiful piece that on touch has the ability to do all the talking, but it wouldn't be proper to sell without I don't think. It is actually an inherited item so may be hard to locate the original taylor but I shall get on to it. The fitting has been altered to fit me so I'm clear on that part. Any recommended auction options?
Can anyone give me information on all the meanings in the label if this will help give prospective buyers??
Looking for advice regarding selling my Brioni Overcoat. Guide price and recommended auctioneer markets? Or style forum members? Not sure if viewing is recommended when details and quality are so widely known, and necessary details in label? Advice welcome and appreciated. Including some pictures here after...              
New Posts  All Forums: