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As a young man I remember watching Ronald on the TV when he went to Bitburg and put a stain on the American conscious but do not remember what he wore.
In youth did you enjoy the heart a rush of a sled ride on a snow clapped hill? These memories of secondary school seem to stand still whenever my nose stings with the redness of the north wind or from a morning drink. In those days my school chums and I would conceal the trays under our trachtenjacke from the dining hall and make our way to a small peak behind a forever green forest. Sometimes ending our runs on the frozen crystal water lake and feeling as frozen pot...
I hope your can hear me laughing in my seat over your amusing encounter as I am nearly busting my diagram.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Dieter? Dieter is a platonic love testing the tide of time as best friends should.
Like many physical art forms and sports it's advised in make an investment in the primary skills first. Have you become fluent in popping, locking, and washing the wall? I made a mistake of attempting a power move head spin early in my first break dance session and was unable to rotate my head to the sides for near 3 months resulting in a break-up with my school love.
I miss the good days.
Do these photos resemble the exam procedure for American lawyer candidates?
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar I do not mind Germans at all and Roland is my guest if he is unlucky enough to come to Folkestone... I do not like idiots and Roland seems to be a nice chap... Thank you for the invitation I look forward to bring you a special cask of Braunschweiger Mumme which I understand is greatly loved by many Royals.
Quote: Originally Posted by denimdestroyedmylife Another lonely night Stare at the TV screen I don't know what to do I need a rendezvous Do you think it possible that Kraftwerk also lead for the invention of cybersex? I do feel that Tipper Gore might of worked against her husband on this technology.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar German bespoke sausages,my dream... German bespoke does not exist... Perhaps because it's a regional delicacy too sophisticated for many who do not have an appreciation of the finer print.
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