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 E.G. Cappelli for B&Tailor Reverse image searched it
Hello, just got new suit from Charles Tyrwhitt, size 40L in tailored fit. Seems ok to me except for the break looks to be bunching a little much, would shortening fix. Jacket could perhaps be a little longer in the body but cant do much about that. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
Thanks for the advice! So I have seen, retail prices here are pretty high, I have just moved from UK, and used pediwear before which were decent. Wanted to get some Meermins but they don't have much in UK11.5 ready to ship.Good luck in the job, I'm starting consulting grad in feb also, albeit mine is likely to be tech based.If any of you want pics of the bexley shoe trees, I have some here
Sorry to jump in, been reading on here a bit. Went looking for suits today in Melbourne, not with massive success. Am starting graduate job soon so don't have bundles of cash. Recommended here was Azzaro in south Melbourne, I went to see if I could pick up a Cantarelli but they could do them for around 900 which is out of budget, I'm looking for two suits for around 1000. The in house brand 'Azzaro' seemed nice, does anyone have experience with these price was...
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