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Yeah, I often go with the Windsor because I have a long face and like spread collars. Can't wear a skinny knot with that combo. Perhaps I'll be adventurous and go with a trinity one of these days :D.  Maybe I just need some new ties... thanks.
I'm an engineer (systems software engineer in La Jolla CA) and I just don't care what other people wear. Now, I don't wear suits because, honestly... it would just look a tad douchey for someone in my role.  I do wear my blazers and sport jackets though.  I wear ties, I wear sweaters/sweater vests over nice shirts.  I rarely wear jeans, and even then, I dress them up.   Others wear t-shirts and jeans. Every day.  That's fine, but I don't feel the need to fit in as far as...
So, I'm not exactly new to tying a tie, but this has always eluded me:     The curve to it; that's what eludes me. My Windsors look far more flat.  Unfortunately, I don't have a father who could have taught me such things, so I ask you guys; how do you pull it off?  What trick/technique am I missing?
I'm no expert, but it looks good to me.  Nice clean transition from shoulder to arm.  The fact that you're holding up a camera doesn't help in diagnosing the fit however.
My current tailor (very well regarded) said that his old boss used to use fusable most of the time.  He is not a fan and felt that his customers were being ripped off.   I'm not going to argue against what your tailor said because I simply don't know if he is correct or not.  It's certainly something I've never heard.  I will however side with my tailor because I know that he knows what the hell he is doing.
  In my experience, the only kind of person who feels the need to go around telling people how dumb they are is the kind of person who isn't all that intelligent themselves, but would like to think that they are.  Ever heard of the Dunning-Kruger effect?
  I just wish they had a decent selection of sizes. I can get a 15 1/3 - 34 1/3, but not a 16-34?
Anecdotally, I've never found the $30+ / pair socks to be worth it.  They haven't lasted any longer than my Target 5-packs and I stop noticing the nicer fabric about two minutes after putting them on.  YMMV.
CT is in a state of perpetual "sale".  I actually like CT for some filler shirts and the quality is pretty good for the price, but they're nothing spectacular.
Considering that you could have a bespoke shirt for that price (or less) I would want perfection.  I wouldn't be happy with that dimple either.  Looks like the stitching ran out toward the edge and some extra fabric was caught in the point.
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