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So here's what happened- I took the best of all the advice offered and combined it with a bit of my own imagination. I figured that a pinned tab color would complement the olive tie perfectly on a black suit adorned with a discreet white PS: I did get a couple of compliments too!   Cheers!  
In response to the comment about political correctness, even with my limited level of sartorial knowledge, I have an inkling that I will come off as stuffy (or worse a buffoon or an over the top dandy) if I show up in a full blown tux for an event that specifically calls for BT OPTIONAL. Even counting that this an east coast event.
Don't want to wear my tux this time- I only have one (Zegna DB) and I wore it to last year's celebration since it actually called for full black tie.
Makes sense- I'm going to get my black suit out.
Duplicate post- please ignore
Daveandepot1, did you mean you liked #1 in my original post?
Interestingly enough, I just got the seal of approval from Andy Gilchrist on my original #2. Before I give up on color and go with the simple green and white ensemble, can you guys give this one a shot? Last one, I promise.
Correct, the second tie (bottle green) in my latest post is the same tie on the first picture of my first post.    Also, the first tie (blue with white pattern) in my latest post is the same as #2 on my first post.
This great advice- thanks much, unbelragazzo and mktitsworth! Now which of these do you like? With the white pocket square, all of them now seem to carry a certain level of acceptability, but the question is which one would work best for the event I have in mind? Sorry the knots aren't great- I uploaded full sized shots (click on the images) so that you can see detail.
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