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 The button and the gorge both seem very high to me.
You might look at Loding also for shoes as an alternative to AE. They have a store Downtown.
I was making the mistake of gauging a jackets length by where it fell against the hand. Like Spandexter I also have longer arms, I guess, which was throwing my understanding of whether or not my own jackets were the right length. I'm glad I asked as I won't make that mistake going forward. Thanks all.
^ would Spandexter's jacket be considered to be at the very short end of the wearable spectrum? I ask because I recently bought a jacket on Ebay (From GMMcL actually) which fits me about the same, at least lengthwise.
^Great Shoes
 FWIW, I don't like it either.
I just realized I thumbed Roycru's post without any idea what he was wearing,,,  
The intramatic was at the top of my list for a while but I wanted  3 hands the intramatic's markers weren't my Absolute favorite. When I finally did find the dial I wanted it was on this (my pic) very very humble 38mm Seiko. It only cost $60 from Joma has relieved the itch to spend more cash on a dress watch, at least for the foreseeable future. Just throwing it out there, I guess. :)  
I picked up a jacket yesterday from a tailor down the street after some alterations. I don't know dirt about tailoring but I like this guy, especially after he got some pretty deep shoulder divots out of my go to navy blazer. He says he'll do a full canvas jacket for $550 + fabric before the working cuffs, ticket pockets, etc. After seeing this one (looks much better in person than in this quick cell phone pic) of his I'm looking forward to buying fabric for the first time...
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