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I'm wondering this also. Or is there so much variance that two pairs of Museum Gold Calf can be that much darker/lighter than each other?
You can specify which shade you want? 
 I'll also enjoy seeing how that turned out.
LMGTFY.....   Paola Nunez Valdez
 When I came to Canada the work I found as an immigrant was with an office furniture installation service. I've built probably 100+ Boardroom tables in Greater Toronto, and a few more across Canada but am never around for the meetings. If that jacket'l jive at the upscale spots downtown though, then that'll work. Jackets in that color seem to often be paired (well, IMO) with charcoal pants, no?
 So... is this jacket 'city' or 'country'? I'd feel pretty comfortable in that jacket at a Hotel Bar downtown.
The jacket is Brown, yeah? On my screen it's reading like it could be grey.
^Thank you for the link, I do appreciate it. I think my favorite is this one, a medium weight.  I wonder though how well this would work for a 'city' jacket?  
I like the idea of owning something like the jacket below but wonder if it's difficult to find dark green fabric/jackets that aren't more country than city? 
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