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 I bought 2 pairs from him last week 
 Moving to Toronto was a Major step up from Youngstown, Ohio (recently voted as the most miserable city in the U.S.) and so many Torontonians rave about San Fran. I look forward to visiting the city when I can, something tells me I'd enjoy living there.
 Really? That's very cool. If you cared to share a bit of background on that I'd find it interesting. I'm very happy to have the shoes. Now I just need to work on attaining some suits that deserve to be paired with such elegant footwear.
^ So duties and brokerage on a pair of $750 USD Vass from NMWA would be ~$315 Cad... Wow...and after the exchange itself the shoes come out to ~$950 CAD. That's prohibitive.
 @Firefox, By MTM Sale are you referring to the trunk shows?
 You can't judge jacket length by where the jacket falls relative to your hand as we all have different arm lengths. You want the bottom of the jacket to fall somewhere just below your butt. And you weren't lying about that V Shape, you're going to rock some jackets when you find your fit.
 Thank You, Sir. :)
 Cleav! Thanks so much. It's a much smaller version of the kind of classy refined wardrobe of yours that I'm trying to work towards eventually so to get your endorsement very much makes my afternoon. If I ever manage a few suits any where near as elegant as yours to pair these shoes with then I'll really feel like a Boss! Thanks Man  
Thank You, and if you value my marriage at all please don't stock any 43.5 F Last Burgundy Oxfords...        ...Please? 
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