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Hi mw313, we have a Loding store in Toronto. I've their quality compares to AE but there is an obvious advantage to side stepping shipping, duties and brokerage when buying in Canada for those of us who live up here. I wonder if you have any familiarity with the brand?
Thx guys, that's always been the pronunciation I've had in mind, but never had confirmation.
noob question but...   is it pronounced Car-ME-na or Car-MY-na?
 My go to Navy SC came from the outlet for $400. I was deciding between 2 that fit and the SA fortunately pointed me towards the one I ended up with, which was J.P. Tilford/ Samuelsohn. I had no idea at the time just how good a deal that was but have since come to appreciate Samuelsohn.  As far as houses, I've been keeping an eye out in the downtown Brampton market and am watching detached houses in the $400-500K range often be sold in a week. Behind us, near Mississauga...
 I just added thumb number 7. I like the suit a lot. Maybe you'd get more thumbs with a different shirt though.
 Do it on April 3rd. I won't be in London but April 3rd is my Birthday and I'd enjoy know that Mims is in London having lunch that day.
 ...that'll teach you to mess with a Mossad assassin 
Thank You guys for the Sultan's tip and Aaron I'll be sure to drop your name if I do make any purchases.  I confess that I tried to time my asking a question with Roger being active in the thread as I thought I'd read a comment of his in another thread about buying some fabric downtown... maybe?   I'm sure I've driven past Sultan's several times and I do look forward to checking it out. Thanks Kindly. 
Does anyone have a place in TO to buy Sport Coat material in person?
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