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 I'm sorry but you're to late. I already called dibs.
 I honestly don't know who took that picture.
 I suppose it could... 
 Was going to add this to my last post but the thread is moving pretty quick and the pic might be missed. I guess when you're in a position to kop as much as JFrat has lately you can afford to grab some items whose distinctions from each other are fairly subtle.
Is there any particular bunch from Dugdale that's dedicate to odd jackets?
 5 is a herringbone where 6 is not (if that helps) and the color is just a bit more grey compared to the blue of 6. Agreed that those are nice ties, of course. 
NPHAF, charcoal trousers?
 or did his left shirt sleeve just get caught on his watch?
...planning to read through this thread over the week. Will report back when caught up 
Mims, the thumb on your last post is from my wife 
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