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 This reminds me of a FourSeiko joke somebody told me once :D
^Did you match your jacket to your wheelbarrow?
There has been a Don Cologne sighting...
...finally, an excuse to show off my $180 watch collection (down to being Mr. Three Seiko after giving one away to a friend.) I never wear the green one as I always planned to put a brown strap on it and never carried through. 
Cleav, are you actually growing a stache or is that Timotune's eyebrows on your top lip?  [[SPOILER]]
Oh, Yeah, I figured we were talking pre-tax prices. Have you ever ordered something from Leatherfoot that they didn't have on hand? I just wonder if there is an additional charge if they have to order something for you that they don't already have in your size. I'm in Brampton and visit the Leatherfoot site regularly but I've never actually stopped in.
 http://www.leatherfoot.com/store/shoes-carmina-shoemaker?page=2 There are a few models a bit under the $500, though they're not standard business wear. You do see more standard styles starting at $500 though.
 J. Fitzpatrick are my 'Sweet Spot' along with Carmina as both would only be an additional $100-$130 investment beyond the Lodings. I am aware of Leatherfoot who carries both brands and check their site regularly although I have never visited the store as I probably won't be buying shoes until the Spring. Leatherfoot never has either brands Cap Toe Oxford in my size though and I don't know if there'd be an additional charge to order a model that that they don't already...
I'm curious about their quality as well. It'd be nice to have a B&M in TO that sells AE (I've seen Loding described as possibly being slightly better?) caliber shoes that a Torontonian can try on and buy without the shipping/duties that go along with ordering AEs from the states. I recently bought a pair of Derbys from AE for $197 and shipping and duty ended up at an additional $134. 
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