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 I thought it was SF doctrine that grey SCs automatically sucked, and yet this looks pretty bada$$ to me... I just don't know what to believe any more...
I think I saw a post somewhere saying that if Omega re released the De Ville as a 38/40 mm that it would be extremely popular. It'd still be an especially expensive watch to me, but that aside, the 1963 Sea Master below in a 38 might be my favorite watch I'd have seen in months of looking at this thread, chrono24 and WatchUSeek threads. I like the simplicity and see at as elegantly refined where someone else might see it as boring. The Intramatic might have worked as a...
I heard a very hot waitress at Jack Astor's downtown say that Chris Bosh bought her a drink once at a club and stood next to her as she drank it without saying a word to her. He just stood there. 
I wish that there were 38mm De Villes out there somewhere (or are there?).  ...and Mimo, hope you're OK.
 I knew that that some of these watches can cost an arm and a leg but really just thought that was an expression. 
 Great colors though.
We have an Andrew's Ties in Toronto. I'd been a little curious about their quality. http://www.andrewsties.com/en/ties/plain-ties/diamantina-silk-ties/silk-tie-diamantina-orange.html
 Sometimes I really do just love the internet.
   I'm hoping to get a staff gig at a studio and am doing a little superhero stuff for the portfolio. I call this one "Fake Superman"* ...but until I'm no longer a (sort of) starving artist I'll be wearing $60 watches...  (sorry to self-advertise but couldn't resist in an unexpected Superhero conversation)
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