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On this forum, BG = Background. On some other forums BG = Boy/Girl ... or at least that's what, ummm, a friend told me...  
I can't help but wonder, did he pick a tie that would match his dog or did he pick a dog that would match his tie. Now That would be be really next level.
^ Black EG Cap Toes in my size for $950... Hmmm...
 I would rather go with Vass from JokB by a very wide margin.
So I've done the math and at local prices, if I were to buy 4 pairs of Vass the cost would work out to $10.36 cents a day spread out over the next year. I ask you, is my happiness not worth $10.36 a day?
 Although I live in Greater Toronto, I should still be a registered voter in Ohio as I never told them I was leaving. I applied tonight for my absentee ballot and this picture among others has me hoping that you'll run for something. I don't care what office, I just find myself compelled to vote for you for something. In a good way, of course :)
DHL recently charged me $80 on a $220 order (Sam Hober Ties), although I'm in Canada which is probably a different scenario than being in the U.S. Still, DHL does have a rep for high charges.
I married mulado...  [[SPOILER]]  ...and now that the Jays are out of it I'll go back to rooting for the local football team, from when I lived in COLUMBUS!!!!!  as always  "" p.s. I'm tanked
 Is this it?
   Thanks you guys for helping me put my spending impulse in check.
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